Saturday, 20 October 2007

Gastronomic Experience

Last night I went to an engagement party with a difference. My friend Novi, who I used to work with, has finally said yes to Budi after 2 years of asking. You see it means she has to move back to Indonesia. Apparently there was a condition to the yes ... a sit on toilet needs to be installed in the house!

She was really wanting to invite another friends of ours (Debbie) with whom we have lost touch. Two weeks ago I saw Deb's partner at the petrol station. I managed to arrange with Novi to have an extra seat booked without telling her who it was (she thought I suddenly had a boyfriend). Anyway I forgot to mention to Deb that the "Pre Wedding Dinner" was formal dress. I picked her up from work in Jeans, joggers, a knit tank top and knitted jumper. I said "it is an engagement party" when she questioned my outfit, to which she replied: "at a Chinese restaurant!" I think she was thinking food hall!

We were the first to enter the Jade Chinese Seafood Restaurant. The whole place was booked out for Novi and Budi and decked out quite fancy. Deb just glared at me. Se glared even more when the family turned up in ball gowns.

The rest of the evening went well, and Deb felt much better when a whole group of people turned up in jeans and tracksuits. There was a special spotlight segment where Novi and Budi exchanged engagement rings. I thought this was a nice touch.

I was sitting at a table with some ex colleagues of mine. It was good to catch up. We weren't too sure of food though. I snuck out copy of the menu for the night and here is what we had:

  1. Shark's Fin and Crab Meat Soup
  2. Jade Roast Platter - Pork, Duck, and Jelly Fish
  3. Deep fried Crab Claws
  4. Singapore Chilli Crabs
  5. Deep Fried Chinese Bread Rolls (yum)
  6. Stir Fried Scallops and Prawns with Macadamia Nuts
  7. Stuffed Prawns Almond Chicken
  8. Roasted Crispy Pigeon
  9. Steamed Whole Fish
  10. Fried Rice
  11. Fruit Platter

Lets just say that Deb and I were considering a MacDonalds stop on the way home. I don't like seafood for starters, I don't eat Pork, Duck has made me sick before and I was taking photos when the rice and fruit came out so I missed it.

Because both Deb and I aren't well we were hoping to leave early. I got home at midnight!

Sunday, 7 October 2007

IT Frustration and more

For three weeks now my computer has been unable to connect to the internt or email. Finally I am back on but I am not sure how long for. Apparently in those three weeks of downtime my bill did not get paid. They sent me email reminders and said my account would be suspended. The only way I found out about it was an actual letter that was sent to me stating that I needed to pay up by the 8th of this month. There were of course no instructions how to go about doing this. I emailed their support team from work and two days later I received instructions. The very next day I paid the bill. Today, two days later, I finally have my computer running properly and my lovely internet provider had jumped the gun and suspended my account already! So much for customer service. The drongo I was on the phone to also said I owed two bills (surprise to me), but after much questioning the conclusion was reached that techinically it was only one outstanding bill as the other one isn't due for 10 days at least. Who hires these people?!


I'm an Aunty. This is very interesting considering I have no husband and I am an only child. One of my closest friends asked me if I would be an honourary Aunty when she found out she was pregnant. Unfortunately they are in working in South Africa so I can't hold my little niece.

Her name is Arominta Sarona (I hope I spelt that right). Ruth has always wanted to call her daughter Arominta from as far back as I can remember (way back in the dark ages of highschool). Sarona is in memory of a friend of ours that died from cancer last year.

A week ago some friends and I went on a picnic. I managed to get some nice photos of Tessa. She is such a little poser: -

She looks like she is smiling! :)