Monday, 29 November 2010

Week 5

Oh my goodness, it is hot lately, and yet, would you believe, I am wearing a winter jumper at work for the better part of the morning. I seem to be the only one who is freezing and yet I am the fattest one there!

Right now I am at home, it is nearly 8:30pm and I am melting. I do have the fan on. In my bedroom is an old air-conditioner probably 20-30 years old. Think of the noise a diesel generator makes and that is my air con. Luckily it is continuous so I do manage to fall asleep and stay asleep. It is my own white noise machine. Certainly blocks out everything else. :)

Week 5 and I now weigh 93.4kg, which is a loss of 1.6kg this las week. I fitted nicely into size 18 jeans on Friday (down from 22) and my tops are also down 2 sizes. I have seen people on the weekend who have not seen me since I started losing, and their faces became exclamation marks of "wow look at you." Why then can't I see it. I feel good. My clothes are smaller and yet I look in the mirror and realise that I am thinking thinner than what I am. Seriously I look at the 2 photo's below and I really can't see what everyone else seems to see. Except for the chin, I look the same (though that could just be the makeup minimising it). In the first photo I am 16 kg heavier than the second. Both were taken this year. Hmm maybe I should put the pink top on again and take a photo. See if there is any difference then.

Life is plodding along as per usual. Quite boring really. I am still tidying up around the house and can't wait to get the Christmas tree up. I am soooo in the Christmas Spirit this year, especially after a non existent one last year.

I am off to visit Oprah in 2 weeks!!!!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Week 4

Monday was weigh in day. I am happy, I am sitting on 95kg which actually puts me 1kg in front of my goal. Saw the gastric specialist again and he is very pleased with how things are progressing. I had another fill of the band and I don't go back to see him for 8 weeks.

Noticed that I could almost fit into clothes in "normal" stores. For the last 4-5 years I have been stuck with the rare store that does larger sizes so this is starting to feel good. I went into Be Me last night and found a lovely red top to wear to Oprah and for Christmas and a lovely purple top as well. The best news is that I have lost two dress sizes! Yay. Mum kept holding clothes up to me to measure and the verdict with the first few was that they were too big. Normally what I like is too small, now it is too big. :)

I am wearing the purple top today and went to put on some black pants and they nearly fell off so I had to go hunting. I am loving this, though soon I may end up wearing exercise clothes to work out of desperation for something that fits. It is hard to justify spending $50 on a top that you may only get to wear a handful of times before it is too big.

In other news I finally cleaned up my office. This is a room where everything gets dumped and I have been putting it off for (dare I say it) 3 years if not more, to go through and tidy. There was enough room on my computer desk for the mouse, keyboard and a drink. I got the tidy bug on Saturday night. Two huge garbage bags of torn up pieces of paper/cardboard boxes later and I can see the carpet. I also found all three screws that had fallen out of the chair. Yes the seat is held on by one screw so don't lean to the right or you will keep going and take the seat with you! It was decided that the carpet was probably in shock at seeing the light of day so the vacuuming will happen this weekend. :) Yes I am messy but I claim the cry of an artist!! LOL

I recently purchased some fabric mixed media art books on Amazon and I am having fun coming up with ideas to mixed with my Stampin' Up products. I have already done one thing but it is not complete yet so I won't be posting pics until it is. I am happy with how it turned out.

The photo's of the 3D swap are still coming as well.

One final thing. One of the nicest, most gorgeous, fun loving people is moving over to Perth from Queensland. I am proud to also call her my Aunt! Mum is ecstatic in the knowledge she will have a sister close again. She and her hubby will be here for Christmas as well. Christmas this year is going to be great. Last year's was horrid, but things are finally looking up for this family.

Will try and get my act together and photograph my latest creations. It's halfway through the week, have a great one!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Week 3

Oh my goodness, what an upside down, topsy turvey week. After my last weigh in I broke my number one rule and weighed in again. In one day I gained 400grams. For the rest of the week I also felt off. Couldn't put my finger on why. I wanted to eat but couldn't find something I wanted to eat, and then felt worse having eaten something I didn't really want.

Friday was bad. I desperately felt the need for a chocolate, so I went to the vending machine and got a toblerone. Then I won some lovely truffle chocolates in the Staff Meeting, which got woofed down Friday night. My craving was sooooo strong, it was like I was out of control. Come Saturday I found out why (something arrived 2 weeks early).

To add to the chocolate feast I had not been able to exercise for a days because of a 3D swap I was involved in. I had to make 15 for the swap. 3D can take a while so I made one thing and realised it would take too long. I then made something else and that was going to take too long. I then decided to make a butterfly mobile using fabric and the Big Shot Butterfly die. I had all 165 pieces cut out, ironed together and placed in their colour schemes by Thursday night only to realise how boring it actually looked. Friday was a mad internet search to find something. I found a Tic Tac Toe game so I modfified it and made 15 of them over the weekend. They were finished late on Sunday night. No exercise other than my hand stamping and punching paper. I need to finish my own yet so there is no photograph at this stage.

Monday morning I weighed in and I had lost the 400 grams I had put on, plus another 200 grams which put me at 96.2kg. I was happy there was a loss. However Monday I left work early because of a migrane and stayed home Tuesday for the same thing. Again no exercise. I decided to hop on the scales again this morning and YAY I weighed in at 94.8kg. 80kg here I come!!!! :) Better not put any on for next Monday now.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Week 2 and good news

Today has been a day of pleasant surprises. First I have lost 800 grams which now makes me 96.2kg. I was this weight 4 years ago. Oh and the biggy:

Guess who won tickets to see Oprah at the Opera house. ME!!!! :)

I wouldn't have put my name down until a friend at work told me to do it and put her as the guest, so I did it for fun. On top of that I have also asked for a makeover and gave them my story (2000 characters or less), so who knows, I may even get a makeover. Should I dare to be so lucky!?!?!? My friends at work think I should try and get to 90 kg. Man, that would be great.

By the way, someone else at work also won tickets, but they are going to the other recording of the show. Oh and my friend, who is my guest, is sooooo excited because her application got rejected. She felt so blue until I told her that I had one and so she was still going.

Our Manager has given us leave provided we give her the freebies. I said it will probably be just an 'O' Magazine in a plastic bag. Anyways the Manager then decided that she was not talking to any of us three who got tickets because she really wanted to go. :)

WOW I am actually getting excited now.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Alas, I did not win the hat competition. Would you believe that my ex boss (when I was the trainer) actually won it. He swears he made the whole thing himself. Anyway I personally think it was a popularity contest. LOL

Bad loser aren't I. I really needed that $100 voucher. I went through my wardrobe and draws last night and have two huge bags of clothes that don't fit me anymore. Yes I have lost enough weight to be at that in between stage where clothes are either too big or too small.

This is the winning hat. Umm ya horses have no legs! I thing they are drowning in the Melbourne rain!
And this is mine. You can't see that it actually has the track on top of the hat. Australia is famous for it's flies so instead of corks around the outside I put a dangly Melbourne Cup sign. Not sure why, but it loved to fall to the right of my head. Oh the entire hat itself was made by me as well. It is thin cardboard. Geez I am starting to look old here.
The cup with the oval curve and the Fly Emirates signs are actually something the horses run passed on the actual track.

I even had the cup made out of thin metal and hammered in what is engraved on the real cup.

Sorry Mark, you did a good job, but I still think I shoulda won! :) I have big plans for next years hat so watch out!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Week 1

Last week in my post Diet Dilema's I said that I would track my weight loss. I am working on losing 50kg over 50 weeks. Last week I weighed in at 99.2kg and today I am 97kg. YAY!!!! :)

Oh in case you are thinking that 50kg is a lot for me to lose (ie I would be down to 49kg), I am quite short and my optimal weight is 48-54 KG. I will be happy though with anything between 50 and 55kg.