Monday, 24 August 2015

Mine, mine, mine, mine!

If you have ever watch the movie "Finding Nemo" you will understand the title of this blog post and automatically thing Seagulls.

Yesterday a friend Tammy and I went down to Point Perron to take some photographs of rock pools.  After a lovely day in the sun we stopped in Rockingham for some Fish and Chips and watch the sun set.  It didn't take long before we had an audience of 200 Seagulls calling out "mine, mine, mine, mine!" They came in so close and Tammy even hand fed a couple.

As usual I was sitting on the ground so the birds were on the railing fence next to me and the beach a meter below me.  To keep them from getting too close I started throwing the odd chip out onto the beach.  That gave us a couple of minutes peace.  

My good camera was packed away so these photos were taken on my phone of the birds that kept coming in close.

The photos I took at Point Perron will be a while before I show them.  I did them in RAW and now need to get a program to convert and edit them.  I know what program I am getting, I just need to find the time to get it all sorted.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Powertex Excitement

After my last two classes of Powertex I must admit I have totally fallen in love with the product.  It is so versatile. I signed up for another 1 hour class that was held at a craft fair a couple of weeks ago.  The item we made is quite Steam Punk which I totally love.

This first photo is the full item (phone photo and a bit blurred sorry).  It is about 15x15cm.  I have used string, wood, plaster, paper, and fabric.  I love how it turned out.  The second image is closer up.  The true colour is somewhere between to two images.

There was a prize to be one at the  Powertex Booth of $250 worth of Powertex.  On the bottom of the form it asked what you would be interested in learning.  One of the options was teaching the product.  I tell you, nothing gets past Ashley.  She saw me mark it straight away and ask what I was doing the following weekend as she would be training some trainers.  It was $300 so I had to decline.  Too many bills coming in right now.

The following Tuesday I get a message from Ashely to call me.  I phoned and found out I had won the $250 which is great, and rather funny considering I nearly forgot to enter.  I was able to put the money towards the training class. 

Lets just say that this last weekend was crazy fun and I met some lovely new people.  The first day was just learning about Powertex itself and what it can do.  The class was similar to the Fairy class I did but this time it was with a Masai head.  The name of the head is Nola.  She gave me some grief but we got there and I am very happy with how she has turned out.

On the second day we worked on Stone Art.  Again this is similar to the class I had already done for the Mixed media but I was a lot more confident and got more creative this time.  The theme we were working on was rust.   The first photo is on a bit of an angle.  I really love this piece.

I had such a great time that when I got home I sat down and started doing an armature wire seated figure.  I don't have photos for it but will post them to show how the process is done.  It is a lot more fiddly than the above image and I think I will need a bit of practice before I can teach it as a one day class.