Sunday, 13 February 2011


The last time I was in my favourite scrap book supply store I saw a creation that someone had made. They had taken a canvas and used the back side of it to create a shadow box. From this she decorated it with 2D images to create a little room.
It has been months since I saw it, so when I went shopping for supplies I couldn't quite remember what she had used. For a while I held the 2D chairs in my hand, and then thought, "no it was 3D," so I purchased 3D table and chairs. Therefore this is similar, but ultimately a lot different to the original that I had seen.
The frame, chairs and table are made using Twiddleybitz (I made the cushions myself); the lamp and leaves I used Collections; the body of the clock I created from Collections left overs I had; the window and paper lace around the room are German Scrap. The photo depicting the outside was just an image I took off the internet, whereas the photo in the frame is one I took at my cousins wedding. Now all I have to figure out is do I hang it, or place it on a small easel?

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Have you ever noticed how interesting people can be? Have you ever just stood back and watched everyone around you? I find traveling to work is rather interesting. I take the train. The trains here have only one row of seats on each side of the train that face each other. This leaves more room for people who have to stand. It also means that those people who don't read or play computer games, tend to invest in dark glasses so that no-one knows where you are looking.

The fuller the train gets, a dilemma sets in. Should I sit between those people over there who are almost sharing 3 seats between them, or should I just stand for the next half hour and nearly fall on people when the driver gets over excited with the brakes and accelerator.

I am lucky in that I tend to get a seat. Well some may think that lucky. There are many days where someone has whacked me in the face with their bag and stood so close they may as well be on my lap.

Today was a very interesting journey into work. I was late (another story) and then the train left late which meant that I just missed my connecting train. The first part of my journey wasn't that bad until someone decided to sing at the top of their lungs and totally off key. Note to self, remember to take headphones.

While waiting for my second train I stood in a large area of the platform that was relatively empty. Many times I have found it fascinating for the need of people come and stand so far into your personal space that you can tell what toothpaste they used that morning. This when there is huge amounts of standing space around and I happened to be leaning up against the wall with people surrounding me. You know, if I stand closer to the track and make like I am watching for the train, there is bound to be someone who comes and stands close and block my field of vision when, if they took a step back, we could both see. Guaranteed though, they just look at their feet.

My stop is the first stop after I get on the second train. I patiently wait for everyone to get on and yet there are those who insist on being the first on, to ensure they get the prime spot at the door to get out. They don't care that they are blocking it for those who don't want to get off for some time and would like to move down the carriage.

Again, this morning, this is what I did. By the time I got on there was room for people to go to my right but not to my left. There were a few late comers and they just barged in and filled the space between me and the door (yes I was standing back from the door). One woman got on, looked to my left only, and gave up even trying (didn't bother going right). She spun around in front of my and her solid bag whacked me so hard in the boob that it almost winded me. She did apologise but I could tell she didn't really care. To top it off, even though she could easily have moved to the right, she stayed where she was, right in front of the door. I thought she must be getting off at my stop, but no. She just stood there and made it difficult for everyone else. Sometimes I really would like to know what the logic is that is going on in the heads of people like this.

Once off the train I have to dodge cyclists. There is a cycle path with signs up to show that pedestrians are crossing. Most cyclists don't bother and get annoyed with the pedestrians and almost run them over. In fact I guy who works on my floor nearly did that to me. He wasn't even looking and I got no apology. I really wonder about how they obey such rules on a road when in a car.

What I do find interesting, is that when I am late, and don't catch my normal train, I recognise faces that are normally on my usual train. It happens so often. One of these days I'm going to lean over to one particular lady (who always seems to be on the train with me late or otherwise) and say "so, late again I see!"

In all honesty though I thank God that the frustration I get while traveling to work don't effect my attitude. I like to start work in a positive note. Something in the day has to be positive. :)

Speaking of work, I suppose I better get started. LOL

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Collections and Girls day out.

I have had a lot of good feedback regarding my spool earrings, that I have spent the last week making more so that I finally will have some stock for my Etsy shop. Hopefully they will sell. I made some spool ones and then more common type of ones.

After My little play with the spools at Sulea's I wondered what I could do with the large ones. There are two large ones in the pack. The end result is below. I used collections papers, butterflies, and spools, lace and vintage brads from Stampin up; a leaf ribbon I bought years ago and never found anything to use it on (until now) and hand beaded ribbon.

Today was a girls day out. Unfortunately not everyone could make it due to illness and family commitments but the small group of us that went, had a great time. We went and saw Gulliver's Travels in 3D. Must admit the 3D was better than Avatar. It's a strange movie this one, but it is quite funny in places.

As we walked into the movies I saw these coke "bottles" for sale. I thought they were great. I think they take about a litre of fluid. I got diet coke and barely drank it. I am going to take it to work and have my water in it. Must drink at least one of these at work a day.
After the movie (because this was my birthday outing) we went to the waffle shop near the Cinema. I haven't really had waffles before. The only time I did have them, I didn't like them, so I just got 2 small scoops of ice cream while every one else went mad. Sulea ended up with a huge waffle so she gave me some to try. It was so light and fluffy, and yum, so she gave me a quarter of it.
Oh I have sponsered another child. This time she is in Cambodia. Would you believe that her surname is exactly the same as mine but without the 'e'. She looks like a real little cutie. I am hoping to get to Cambodia at the end of the year with some friends. Hopefully I will get to meet my little sponsor girl.
Have a great week everyone.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Cyclone Yasi

As I look at a map to see the path of cyclone Yasi, I am grateful that my Queensland Family are a bunch of movers not stayers, as a few of the towns in it's path have been where my family has lived over the years.

I do have friends in the effected areas though. One family in particular are in it's path but not in an area that is required to be evacuated.

I was reading today that some areas in Cairns and Townsville have 9500 crowded into evacuation centres. Pets are not allowed which would be something that I would be very distraught over. My pups are my children. If they were turned away, I would probably go with them and try to find somewhere else that was safe. You would think that with the period of warning there has been, that someone would have thought of a shelter for the animals. Hopefully this is so.

I suppose that it is lucky that Australia managed to keep out of hot water when the Global Financial Crisis hit, we certainly need as much help as possible after this hits.

The Federal Government is wanting to increase our tax so that the funds can be put forward to rebuilding Queensland. Most people are against it. People have already given as much as they can towards this cause, while struggling to pay the mortgage as it is. Apparently the tax will only apply to those above a certain pay threshold. Stupidly though it will also apply to those who were effected by the flood, but who do not qualify for assistance. This could mean that someone who has lost everything and has to start from scratch, will therefore have to pay the levy to probably help someone who earns less but still has a roof over their head.

On a better, happier note, I have booked my tickets to Melbourne for the Stampin Up Convention. I will be staying on for close to 2 weeks so that I can catch up with some friends and family that I have not seen in a while. One friend in particular I have not seen since 1988 when I just happened to stumble across her in the middle of a pedestrian crosswalk.