Sunday, 6 February 2011

Collections and Girls day out.

I have had a lot of good feedback regarding my spool earrings, that I have spent the last week making more so that I finally will have some stock for my Etsy shop. Hopefully they will sell. I made some spool ones and then more common type of ones.

After My little play with the spools at Sulea's I wondered what I could do with the large ones. There are two large ones in the pack. The end result is below. I used collections papers, butterflies, and spools, lace and vintage brads from Stampin up; a leaf ribbon I bought years ago and never found anything to use it on (until now) and hand beaded ribbon.

Today was a girls day out. Unfortunately not everyone could make it due to illness and family commitments but the small group of us that went, had a great time. We went and saw Gulliver's Travels in 3D. Must admit the 3D was better than Avatar. It's a strange movie this one, but it is quite funny in places.

As we walked into the movies I saw these coke "bottles" for sale. I thought they were great. I think they take about a litre of fluid. I got diet coke and barely drank it. I am going to take it to work and have my water in it. Must drink at least one of these at work a day.
After the movie (because this was my birthday outing) we went to the waffle shop near the Cinema. I haven't really had waffles before. The only time I did have them, I didn't like them, so I just got 2 small scoops of ice cream while every one else went mad. Sulea ended up with a huge waffle so she gave me some to try. It was so light and fluffy, and yum, so she gave me a quarter of it.
Oh I have sponsered another child. This time she is in Cambodia. Would you believe that her surname is exactly the same as mine but without the 'e'. She looks like a real little cutie. I am hoping to get to Cambodia at the end of the year with some friends. Hopefully I will get to meet my little sponsor girl.
Have a great week everyone.


BealcA's Pad said...

Honey they are beautiful. I am so proud of you. Love you and keep on keeping on, remember He loves you best.

carmen said...

Just love your stylish new blog design.

carmen said...

Love your new stylish blog design!