Sunday, 13 February 2011


The last time I was in my favourite scrap book supply store I saw a creation that someone had made. They had taken a canvas and used the back side of it to create a shadow box. From this she decorated it with 2D images to create a little room.
It has been months since I saw it, so when I went shopping for supplies I couldn't quite remember what she had used. For a while I held the 2D chairs in my hand, and then thought, "no it was 3D," so I purchased 3D table and chairs. Therefore this is similar, but ultimately a lot different to the original that I had seen.
The frame, chairs and table are made using Twiddleybitz (I made the cushions myself); the lamp and leaves I used Collections; the body of the clock I created from Collections left overs I had; the window and paper lace around the room are German Scrap. The photo depicting the outside was just an image I took off the internet, whereas the photo in the frame is one I took at my cousins wedding. Now all I have to figure out is do I hang it, or place it on a small easel?

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Ruth's Place said...

It's adorable! I vote for a small easel.