Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Time Flies

The last few weeks I have been busy in lethargic sort of way. If that makes sense. I have had inspiration to do things but then never do them. Of course my studio is in dire need of a tidy (I sound like a broken record), and the floor in lounge room is covered in craft stuff because there is no work space in the studio. Due to the floor being covered, I am unable to try out my new yoga DVD. I need a personal maid, but then I would hate to have someone come in and organise my craft because then I would not find anything. So the end result is mess and a blind eye. Hopefully I can muster up some energy this coming weekend.

Last Wednesday was a very interesting day. Within the first 30 minutes of waking, I realised that the universe was doing everything in it's power to keep me at home. Let me tell you in point form:
  1. Woke up after a bad nights sleep with a bad back ache. Contemplated having the day off because the thought of sitting all day did not appeal. Have no leave left and can't afford a day without pay, so took some pain killers and got ready for work.
  2. Mum had already left to go baby sit, which meant putting the dogs out and locking the house up. Bo decided she was going to hide in the smallest, furthest place, in the hopes I would not reach her. If she could melt into the floor, I am sure she would have. After laying on the floor I finally managed to get her and put her out.
  3. Went to the fridge for my water bottle. It wasn't there. Where is my bottle. Two minutes of searching and I remember it is already with my bag.
  4. Pick up my bag, my book, my bottle and sunglasses. Where is my book, I wonder. Five minutes looking all over the house for my book and I remember it is under my arm!
  5. Bo starts barking at nothing outside.
  6. I go out the front door, yelling at Bo to be quiet, when I suddenly realise I left my keys inside ... the door is now locked.
  7. Remembered I had accidentally left the keys in my scooter the night before (spare house keys on them - yeah, real safe).
  8. Had to get into the garage though. It is a double door garage and the bolt was stuck fast. At 6:30am I was pushing and pulling on door, dragging the bolt across the concrete in order to get a small space to squeeze through.
  9. Got the keys, but the garage door would not budge it was going no where, which gave the dogs full access to the street.
  10. Got back inside, brought the dogs in. Phoned mum, she would be home in 2 hours. Messaged work to tell them I would be late.
  11. By the time mum got home my back was worse (thanks to the garage) and I had a migraine. You guessed it, I didn't go anywhere.

Consequently I worked yesterday (a public holiday) to make up for the time I lost last week.

On Sunday I went to the beach with the family. It is the first time I have swum at the beach in years. Can't remember the last time. It was like coming home to your favourite comfy chair.

I love being under water, hate the fact that I can't breath under water. There were some good waves (not for surfing though) that had you standing on the sand one minute and then bobbing the next. Some felt like a roller coaster ride as you came over the peak and suddenly dropped.

There were lots of kids around, and with that comes lots of noise. It was so peaceful to hold my breath, float face down on the surface of the water, let the waves rock me, and escape to the quietness of the sea. Got lots of water in my ears, and had to kick my legs every now and then so that life guards didn't think I had drowned, but thoroughly loved it. Eyes closed, bobbing up and down, head under water, peaceful contentment. I should have been a mermaid.

The beach was also hosting a Sculpture display. Huge sculptures were all over the place. I will show you some photo's later. I actually would like to go back at sundown and get them in a better light with not so many crowds.

I have also been doing some creating. I do have photo's with me that I can put up but they are in my phone and it is not connecting to the computer at the moment, so I guess this means you need to wait.

Oh I am also hooked on the Twilight Series. I have been putting off reading them, but then the first movie showed on TV and I was hooked. I have since borrowed a friends books and am reading them now. I am so inlove with the idea of Edward Cullen. He is perfect for me, despite that he is a vampire. Get rid of the vampire side of him and I would take him in a heart beat, even if it does mean cradle snatching! LOL Can't wait to see how it all ends.

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