Monday, 11 April 2011

93 Kg

Happy with my weight loss this week - 1.2kg. I was sick with a head cold from last Wednesday so exercise did not happen. Bit hard to puff and breath when your nose is blocked. Mind you, on Thursday I was do a lot of heavy lifting of archival boxes, so I am sure that counts. Feeling much better now. Walked again this morning. Hope to walk again tomorrow. Craft wise, I have been working on my swaps for the Stampin' Up convention in Melbourne. I am trying to make something small and useable, other than the normal stock standard card. I am thinking of a broach at the moment. Will take photo's when they are ready. Other than being sick most of the week, nothing else has really happened, oh except Perth had an earthquake on Thursday, that wasn't an earthquake! LOL in all seriousness apparently east of Perth had a 2.2 at the same time a jet, in battle games, hit the sound barrier. It was the sonic boom from the jet that caused people's windows to rattle etc. Even though the jet was 100km out to sea, the sonic boom travelled to the suburbs due to the cloud cover, air pressure etc. If the airforce hadn't owned up to it then we would all still be thinking it was from the minor earthquake. Well that is the excitement for one week. Catch you all later.

Monday, 4 April 2011


Yes, I know, the silence is deafening. The more silent I am about my weight loss, the less likely the loss is happening. Apparently there is food that I can still eat even though I have a gastric band. I have been so bad since Christmas. No exercise, not watching my calorie intake (ie eating all the wrong food). Aaarrggghhh! Here we go again. I will be visiting friends and family in Melbourne next month and I am hoping to get down to 85kg by then. That way I can do some serious clothes shopping. Not only that, but in a week or two we start a corporate fitness challenge at work that I have signed up for. There are quite a few of us in a team on my floor. We call ourselves the "Wii Not Fit" team. Yes there are incentives if you win. I didn't really look too much into but I heard $20K rolling around somewhere. I think that is for the winning team though. Anyway considering Melbourne is gaining on me like I gain weight by just looking at, and breathing in chocolate, I decided there was no better time than to start today. I decided to walk to the train station this morning (and back home again at the end of the day). It is a good half hour walk either way. When I got home tonight I did 15 minutes of yoga just to stretch out those sore muscles. I am only doing 3 days this week. Next week I will try for every day. Every Monday I will weigh in. I will do a blog post and put my weight in the Title. That way you can see how well (or not) I am doing. If I do fall silent on the subject again, please ask me why. You might just kick start my senses again. :)

Friday, 1 April 2011

New Stamps

Yes I am back, yes I have managed to create enough room in my studio to do some creative things, no it is not completely tidy but it is sufficient for now. Last Sunday Linda Baldock came back to Perth for her 40th b'day as well as to take us in a wonderful class, in which I actually learnt a new technique, and rehashed some old ones. The main body of the class was making this book. I asked my Aunt to come with me for some company, and she jumped at the chance. We told everyone that she hadn't done anything like this before (not even cards or scrapbooking). Well no one believed her, because she did such a good job. I don't have photo's of her book but will endeavour to get some. This is mine. We did dry embossing using the cuttlebug and we used rub and buff, along with micr sprays and what ever we could get our hands on. This is the back page. I just love the texture, and the colour worked out beautifully to. This is the new technique I used. I spread glue over the paper and then used the stick end of a paintbrush to draw "wood grain" type lines in it. You can use a spritzer under it for a subtle colour, or over top for a more prominent colour. Then use your heat gun to dry it fast ... NO HAIRDRYER HANDS right Linda! Anyway thick areas of the glue will bubble and the result is below. I just love it. What I have done in error many times can actually be a technique. The new Stampin' Up mini is out today. Below is for an SU swap I am involved in. I have used the new Nature Walk and Strength and Hope stamp sets. I just love them. They are so versatile. The leaves were cut using Little Leaves sizzlet die. The lace is hand died in one of the new colours and the frame is an el cheapo from Crazy Clarks.

I will be posting the link to the new mini very soon.