Monday, 11 April 2011

93 Kg

Happy with my weight loss this week - 1.2kg. I was sick with a head cold from last Wednesday so exercise did not happen. Bit hard to puff and breath when your nose is blocked. Mind you, on Thursday I was do a lot of heavy lifting of archival boxes, so I am sure that counts. Feeling much better now. Walked again this morning. Hope to walk again tomorrow. Craft wise, I have been working on my swaps for the Stampin' Up convention in Melbourne. I am trying to make something small and useable, other than the normal stock standard card. I am thinking of a broach at the moment. Will take photo's when they are ready. Other than being sick most of the week, nothing else has really happened, oh except Perth had an earthquake on Thursday, that wasn't an earthquake! LOL in all seriousness apparently east of Perth had a 2.2 at the same time a jet, in battle games, hit the sound barrier. It was the sonic boom from the jet that caused people's windows to rattle etc. Even though the jet was 100km out to sea, the sonic boom travelled to the suburbs due to the cloud cover, air pressure etc. If the airforce hadn't owned up to it then we would all still be thinking it was from the minor earthquake. Well that is the excitement for one week. Catch you all later.


Linda the Curtain Lady said...

Well done Kerin, 1.2 is brilliant!! keep up the good work, show us how it is done!

Diary said...

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