Sunday, 29 August 2010

Lost Lounge

For a dog that lived outside for the first 8 years of her life Bo has adapted really well to life indoors. Since we had her leg fixed she has learnt to jump and has laid claim to the lounge chair. Her favourite spot is to balance on the arm rest. Her tendency to lick a lot and leave massive wet patches provoked mum into putting this cushion (MY back rest) on the arm so there were no water marks left on the lounge.

Gotta love the balance she has. These images were taken a few weeks ago. The latest thing is that the lounge is not good enough for her now. As soon as mum leaves her chair (a rocker) Bo is right up there to replace her. The stubborn thing is refusing to learn the word "down!"

Oh as for her totally becoming an indoor dog she slipped back into her outdoor persona the other night ... I brought out the brush and she disappeared in a flash and sat on the bed outside for ages. LOL

If you follow this blog please feel free to follow my Stamping Artlore one. For contractual reasons with Stampin Up I have had to separate that side from this blog so if you like to see my artwork then please go on over and have a look. :)

Catch ya round!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Chocolate, Paper, Hair

Last weekend was busy making so many things. First of all I had to make cupcakes for RSPCA cupcake day on Monday. Mum had bought the mixture for me but it was bite sized and I thought that it really wasn't enough so we got a second mixture. To help make the the bite sized ones more appealing I mixed chopped up marshmellows and coconut into the icing to make a rocky road look. They kinda turned out ok.

The second lot was just your basic standard chocolate cupcake with butter icing on top.

Another thing I needed to make was an engagement card for one of the girl's at work. The whole team has been invited to the party tomorrow night so we thought we would pool our money for a Westfield Gift Card. Sorry but all my photos are slightly on the yellow side. The minute I start playing around with white light on the camera I end up with blue photos.
Finally I have done some creating of a different sort and coloured my hair. I have always wanted to go a really bright way out funky colour so I have started with Chilli red and I have a redish purple colour lined up for my next trial. LOL

Sunday, 8 August 2010

I knew I should have taken longer than 1 week off work. Back to work tomorrow grrrr. If you are a man and a rich I am single and don't want to work. I just want to do art. :)

In an earlier post I mentioned that I had some fun creating metallic look paper. I actually laid it on 2 ATCs. Here is the second one. I think my crackle medium must be ageing because instead of lovely fine cracks all over the bird I got 3 large cracks in the shape of a H. Maybe I should colour them in, it makes him look like he has a blanket draped over him.

I have been having a lot more fun with some Stampin Up so you can find that on my other blog here. I am very proud of the box I came up with. Going back out to the studio to have more fun.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Holiday time

It's only for a week and unfortunately that week is almost up (grrr). At least I have been having fun doing some creating.

At the Craft Fair I bought two stamps from the Stamp Trap. The first one was a set containing a Gypsy woman and some lace stamps etc. Below is an ATC using some of the stamps in the set. Mum convinced me to get it because my great great grandmother was a Gypsy.
The other stamp I got was not in a set, it was just a block. It is of a weathered angel holding flowers. I just love it. The ATC is smaller than the stamp so you don't see the flowers. I have also used a paint technique to create the metallic paper look behind. On top of the Angel is a piece of Mica and the little girl praying is glued to a domino with german scrap around the edges. I really like how this one turned out.

Well back to making some more.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Two Blogs

The problem with having two blogs is that it takes you twice as long to think of something to put on them. I am considering rejoining my Stampin Artlore one with this one but it is just a thought right now.

Life has been slow but busy. Non exciting busy hence the lack of blogging. I currently have a week off work to sort out a few things and get back on track with my craft (oh and the diet).

This last weekend was really the first time that I have done anything interesting for a long time. In fact it really started on Friday at work. The boss decided we were going to have a mad hatters day. There were lots of hats but not many of them mad. We also had little notes of thanks on our desks, a box of smarties and a bottle of bubbles to blow at each other. We also got morning tea and later in the afternoon we had a raffle as well. It was a nice way to end what had been a rather stress filled week.
After work I headed off for Stamp Camp. Ngaire is the person who sponsored me into becoming a Stampin Up demonstrator. Every year she organises a camp for her down line. I think it is dubbed the Stamparoos camp. We had so much fun. The theme was Christmas in July and for those of us staying over night we had to create a Christmas card and then provide the stock for others to make it. That meant each one of us got to make everyone elses card (34 in total). We also did 3 classes that 3 of the girls took. You can find out more on my other blog here.
On Sunday mum and I went to the craft show at Claremont show grounds. Normally I go crazy at these things buying way too much stuff. This year I was determined to buy hardly anything. In fact people were laughing at me in the stalls and wishing me luck when mum would point something out and I would "oooh I am not looking, I am trying to be good!" In the end I spent more than I wanted to but less that what I normally do so I am kinda happy with that.
It was the Twiddleybitz store that did me in and the Stamp Trap (Trap alright). Twiddleybitz had products there that were very hard to get in the stores I go to and they also had some new things as well as really good specials. The stamp trap just had some great artistic stamps (the sort that Stampin Up don't really do) and a great way to do gold leaf so I am going to try that for the first time. Photos to come ... once the studio is tidy and I know where I am at.
Speaking of tidying I suppose I had better go and do it. Where is my magic genie when I need him.