Sunday, 29 August 2010

Lost Lounge

For a dog that lived outside for the first 8 years of her life Bo has adapted really well to life indoors. Since we had her leg fixed she has learnt to jump and has laid claim to the lounge chair. Her favourite spot is to balance on the arm rest. Her tendency to lick a lot and leave massive wet patches provoked mum into putting this cushion (MY back rest) on the arm so there were no water marks left on the lounge.

Gotta love the balance she has. These images were taken a few weeks ago. The latest thing is that the lounge is not good enough for her now. As soon as mum leaves her chair (a rocker) Bo is right up there to replace her. The stubborn thing is refusing to learn the word "down!"

Oh as for her totally becoming an indoor dog she slipped back into her outdoor persona the other night ... I brought out the brush and she disappeared in a flash and sat on the bed outside for ages. LOL

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Catch ya round!