Thursday, 19 August 2010

Chocolate, Paper, Hair

Last weekend was busy making so many things. First of all I had to make cupcakes for RSPCA cupcake day on Monday. Mum had bought the mixture for me but it was bite sized and I thought that it really wasn't enough so we got a second mixture. To help make the the bite sized ones more appealing I mixed chopped up marshmellows and coconut into the icing to make a rocky road look. They kinda turned out ok.

The second lot was just your basic standard chocolate cupcake with butter icing on top.

Another thing I needed to make was an engagement card for one of the girl's at work. The whole team has been invited to the party tomorrow night so we thought we would pool our money for a Westfield Gift Card. Sorry but all my photos are slightly on the yellow side. The minute I start playing around with white light on the camera I end up with blue photos.
Finally I have done some creating of a different sort and coloured my hair. I have always wanted to go a really bright way out funky colour so I have started with Chilli red and I have a redish purple colour lined up for my next trial. LOL


Chocolate Cat said...

I had cupcake day on Monday too! Love the idea of the Rocky road icing. You are very brave with your hair!!! Can't wait to see the next color!!

Kitty said...

Woot! Awesome hair xo