Thursday, 5 August 2010

Holiday time

It's only for a week and unfortunately that week is almost up (grrr). At least I have been having fun doing some creating.

At the Craft Fair I bought two stamps from the Stamp Trap. The first one was a set containing a Gypsy woman and some lace stamps etc. Below is an ATC using some of the stamps in the set. Mum convinced me to get it because my great great grandmother was a Gypsy.
The other stamp I got was not in a set, it was just a block. It is of a weathered angel holding flowers. I just love it. The ATC is smaller than the stamp so you don't see the flowers. I have also used a paint technique to create the metallic paper look behind. On top of the Angel is a piece of Mica and the little girl praying is glued to a domino with german scrap around the edges. I really like how this one turned out.

Well back to making some more.

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