Friday, 27 March 2009

Bits and Bots

Well it has been a while since I last posted. Life started getting away from me. I found out some good news and bad news at work this week but can't say just yet what it is. Will let you know later though.

Can't remember if I let you all know I have finally signed up as a stampin' up rep. Problem is the government is taking forever to reinstate my ABN (took 2 seconds to get it originally).

Been playing around with some inchies (pics later) and that has been fun. Other than that there is not much news so I will leave you with the following video. The first part is dum but the second part is gorgeous. You won't need sound on. All you need to know is that the spa is on.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

I found this on another blog. It is really good. It goes for a few minutes so makes sure you have the time to watch it.

Remember to turn off the music at the bottom of my blog first so that you can hear what is being said.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

And the Winner Is ...

This is a short and sweet blog for me today. I have too much to do with too little time. The winner of the giveaway is Chocolate Cat. Congratulations. Please email me your postal details and I will post them out as soon as I can.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Aussie Dare 46 - White

The March Dare for Aussie Dares was white. I thought this one was hard just wait till you hear about the next one! I have never done a mono colour piece and envy those who can find different shades of white to put together as something beautiful.

My first thought of white was innocence. I had these two darling images I found from the internet that I have been wanting to use I thought, she looks innocent. By putting her behind the "window" it was like trapping the innocence. By letting her out means that she will find out the truth about many things and her innocence will be lost, hence the lock. The little girl however has other ideas. She wants to be out there to do whatever she wants.

The words at the bottom are a slight rewrite to one of my favourite songs by Mike Oldfield. I have written what the original words are at the bottom of the blog. I didn't use them because it contradicted what I wanted to portray.

Original Song Chorus
If I had a wish,
my wish would be
To be free,
to be wild,
I want to be
just like a child
And if I get lost
I really don't mind
'Cause I'm me
And doing just fine.

Found the video ... love this song. I first heard it while working in a job I didn't like.

Monday, 2 March 2009


Yesterday I had a great day with the girls in my Journal Junkies group. We had the get together locally this time and it was great. I could actually sit back and relax in the morning rather than dash around and then drive 45 minutes north. Unfortunately most people live north so coming south will be a bit of a treat.

This last week I have been working on a couple of canvas's. One you will have to wait until it is shown on the Aussie Dares web site but the one below is one I was just messing around with. When I first started searching the Internet for images I came across this fairy and fell in love with her. The colouring and the mood are just gorgeous. My hat goes off to the artist though I don't know who it is. I have called this one Fractured. She portrays a sad loneliness to me and for some reason I decided to cut the picture up into small tiles. I wasn't sure if I would use the tiles until I put the leaf embellishment down and realised she disappeared into the background. So on came the tiles and the effect they gave along with the crackle medium on the leaves made me think of the word fractured. So that is what has stuck. I have also drawn over her in an opaque sliver pen that you can't see on the scan below. It adds a hint of magic fairy dust to her I think.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Giveaway Extended

Hi, today I was supposed to draw out the names of the person who had won the ATCs however I have decided to extend it another week (March 8) in the hopes that a few more people leave a message and post a link on their blog.

If you are new to this blog and not sure what I am talking about visit my post on Fire Appeal Giveaway and it will give you all the information.

REMEMBER you must leave a link on your blog to win. Only one person has done this so far.