Thursday, 19 February 2009

Fire Appeal Give Away

Ok I promised my valentine creation as well as a free giveaway. Considering my blog of late has been about Koalas and the fire in Victoria I decided to try and combine it all. Below is a set of 3 ATCs which I will be giving away on March 1st. All you need to do is leave a comment and leave a link to my blog on yours (I will be checking).

Ideally I would love to give them away to someone who has donated to the fire appeal, but that is not something that I can police so I will leave it up to your own conscience. Donations can be made by anyone from anywhere in the world at the Australian Red Cross web site.

The ATCs show the progression of Samantha the Koala from the day she was found, getting her bandages and finding her soul mate in Bob (the last ATC is the valentine one). Among the techniques used were stamping, embossing, burning, bleaching, rub and buff and so on. I will put magnets on the back if the winner wishes.


kelsey said...

It's wonderful that a furry little creature has touched hearts around the World. This happens a lot though, I remember the poor pets that were abandoned when Katrina whipped through America and I felt really bad for their owners that they had to leave them behind. Good on you for spreading some koala lurve! lol

Chocolate Cat said...

I would love love love to win this giveaway for 2 reasons -because you are so talented and I would love a piece of your work and - because like everyone else I have fallen in love with Sam the koala! ( I will be linking but probably not today!!)

Dee said...

Well I've donated, plus shopped at Coles. Heartbreaking to think whole colonies of wildlife have been wiped out. Not to mention victims pets. It's a tragedy.

Doniamarie said...

Oh, Kerin, these are so amazing! These koalas are so precious; thanks for sharing their stories!

mainely stitching said...

I'm good - sent in my Red Cross donation as soon as the news broke.

I've followed the link over from Ruth's blog. :)

I'd love to win these adorable ATCs to share with friends, if that's allowed. :)

BealcA's Pad said...

I have been near fires a few times in Colorado, but the hurricane in Florida back many years ago, was the closest I came or the Flood in the Big Thompson Canyon in 76 I think that is was, as we got evacuated, but our place was not really in too much danger, but the lost of lives was devastating to me, as some were never found. There are fires in Colorado each year, some have been already and it isn't March until tomorrow. My one friend has lung trouble and she had some bleeding of her lungs.

To me all that I can do is pray that the Lord will intervene and He is still on the throne and still in charge of all things. He hurts and sheds tears when things like this happens and they blame it on God and call it an act of God. He allows these things to happen, but it is the Ole Devil who is the cause.

Enough preaching, BealcA stop and sign off.
Love yah
Kerin and Mum

Dianne said...

These are really sweet cards made with a lot of heart.