Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Lunch Time Blog

Yes I am doing this at work. It is lunch time though which means it is my time. I received an email from a friend at work. Not sure if this is a wild Koala (like the email lends you to believe) or if it is a pet.

Before I go further into the email though I must tell you I had a good laugh this morning on my way to work. I want you to imagine a muscular man on a pretty nice motorbike. He was wearing his black leather jacket, his black helmet, his black riding boots and then his bright green with white flowers mini sarong!!!! The legs were nothing to look at - way too hairy. I think he should consider waxing if he is going to wear something that short in future. He seemed to be in a bit of a rush as well ... not sure why.

The email
It has been so hot in SA for over a week…40+ degrees Celsius everyday, very dry also. A guy at work lives at Maude. His wife sent him these photos of a little Koala which just walked into the back porch looking for a bit of heat relief. She filled up a bucket and this is what happened!


Edleen said...

haha...you should've taken a photo of him! ;)

that Koala looks cute!
hope they're taking good care of it :)

have a wonderful February!

doniamarie said...

Oh how cute! That's amazing!

And so funny about the guy in the sarong! Sounds like something you'd see out here!

Chocolate Cat said...

Cute koala photos! but I am SO glad you didn't take a photo of motorbike man!!! The mind boggles!

carmen said...

that is unbearable cute. That little sweet face.