Friday, 6 February 2009

Aussie Dare 45 Hot Hot Hot

January's dare for Aussie Dares was to come up with something Hot and trust me the weather here in Australia certainly joined in. Below is a photo of my entry. Note the lack of scrapbooking. It is all paint. Can you find the lizard? I call it Twilight Heat.
As soon as I get myself organised I will be selling prints and calendars and some original work. I will give you the link later. I have to fight the tax office to get my business number reinstated first.


Chocolate Cat said...

This is so good and something I would buy!! Reminds me of our time in the northwest although it is hot enough here at the moment!!

Ruth's Place said...

This is awesome. I'd love to see that on a calendar or notecards.

Good luck with the tax office.

The lizard is very cool.