Sunday, 22 February 2009

National Day of Mourning

Today across the nation, bells rang out to commence the day of mourning for those affected by the bush fires of Feb 7. There is a song that I love called "We Are One" that was written by Bruce Woodley and sung by the Seekers. It talks about how we are all from different parts of the world but we are all one nation and we are Australian. He came back to Australia and wrote 2 more chorus' for those who are victims of the fire. He even had two of those victims up on stage singing with him. I am hoping that I will soon find a copy of the song/video from the memorial service so that you can all listen to it as well.

There were members of the CFA who could not attend the service today as they were preparing for the week ahead. Apparently Victoria is looking at similar conditions this week as those of Feb 7. I just hope and pray that nothing happens.

For more information on the Day of Mourning please visit the Herald Sun.

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