Thursday, 21 January 2010

Interesting Event

This afternoon I was sitting in my car minding my own business when suddenly the world around me went white. It was a bit disconcerting to begin with because the car started to get bumped and I could just make out something coming towards me. It reminded me of a scene from the horror movie "Mist" based on a Stephen King Novel. You could barely see in front of you and then the next minute ... BAM ... a horrible creature jumps out at you and if you were the unlucky actor whose name showed on the credits at number 12 then you were most likely cut in half or dragged away to a horrible death. With my mind racing my heart started to pump faster to keep up.

Slowly the fog around me started to dissipate leaving my car wet with beads of moisture. To my right I saw a young teenage man pointing a gun at me. He had curly blonde locks and deep blue piercing eyes. His smile was sadistic in the knowledge that he had me cornered. I couldn't go anywhere, the car would not move and the doors were jammed shut. All I could do was sit there, watching his little performance until (for what seemed like an eternity) he lowered the gun and walked away.

A sudden gust of wind blew towards the car. It was so strong it tore at the moisture on my car and sent it fly in all directions. Slowly my car came to life again, and with my heart in my throat I managed to drive away safely.

Hey you sit long enough in car wash you start to imagine things to keep you occupied. So sue me! By the way the gun was the vacuum cleaner with a rather interesting looking nozzle.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Quick Catch Up


This is a quick catchup as my eyes are very dry and tired. I have been shaving the two 4 legged members of the family on and off today and their fur covered me from head to toe and got in my eyes. At least they look nice and cool now.

It is 7:30pm and currently 38 degrees Celsius and the poor little things were suffering. It's days like this I wish I had a swimming pool because I would be living in it.

Recently I have been reading, yes reading, does that shock you? It is also the reason why I have not been on here with craft updates. I have read two books that I picked up in Cambodia and recommend them to anyone for reading. It is not light reading, the author goes into great detail. The books are: First they Killed My Father, and then, The Lucky Child written by Loung Ung. They start when she is 5 years old and the day they are forced out of Phnom Penh. You can find out more at I believe you can get the books in stores in Australia. I am only two years younger than Loung and I found myself comparing my life to hers. It is definitely a must read. The second book talks about her life as a refugee in America and compares with what her sister deals with back in Cambodia. The contrast of the two cultures in this book hit me harder than the horrors she lived through in the first book. Anyway don't take my word for it. Get the books and read them for yourselves.

Well my little computer room has no aircon and is probably 2 degrees hotter in here than outside so I am going to move to some aircon.

Monday, 11 January 2010

First Dress

Hello all, well here is my first item hot off my new sewing machines for my niece. Please don't look too closely at it. After 10 years of not sewing or doing applique it isn't exactly up to my usual standard.

I got the free pattern from this web site. It was originally a summer top so I modified it to suit my needs. I added the tie straps and made the skirt section wider and longer. I have left the hem for her mother to do so that she can take it up to a length that she wants. She can then do whatever she likes with the excess fabric like maybe put pockets on or save it for her quilting stash.

Not sure what my next item will be. I am thinking of making a toy, or a bag or even designing something to put all my different paper punches in from Stampin' Up so that they are easy to card around.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Update on Lamborghini Dr

I knew it. No-one can be that rich that they own a Lamborghini and not have another car somewhere. I have found out from someone I know, who happens to have been to this Drs house for work related business that he has another car. So while he is screaming the injustice of it all and stating that he can no longer do house calls what we now know is that he is just too embarrased to turn up at a clients house in anything other than a Lamborghini.

Hoon Antics

There is a particular stretch of road that I go down on my way to work that quite often divides into two lanes at lights (so people turning don't hold up those going straight) and then goes back to one lane on the other side of the crossing. This morning I had a lovely chuckle to myself. I was lined up behind a delivery truck and another car in the correct lane for going straight ahead when a fancied up ute pulled into the other lane. He had no indicator on so I knew his intention was to speed up as quick as possible and get passed the truck. Shortly after he arrived I looked in my rear view mirror. I white car came speeding towards us and came to a dramatic stop behind the ute. I realised that this was a young mans hoon car. Firstly I noticed that he had no number plates, secondly I notice (looking from behind that is) that the two guys in the front appeared to have that much hair gel in their short spiky hairdo it reminded me of the 90's. They kept revving that loud pumped up engine of theirs in the hopes that the ute in front would move fast enough so that they to could also get in front of the rest of us. The lights change, the ute pulled away fast enough to easily manoeuvre in front of the truck. The white car, still revving its engine loudly, jumped (and I do mean jumped) forward and came to a sudden jerking standstill as the young driver had stalled it!!! This meant that the 2 vehicles in front of me and the now 3 behind me managed to get through before the white car got moving again.

In other news a Dr has had his Lamborghini impounded for a month by the Police under the new anti-hoon laws because his 50 something year old mechanic (who was supposed to be servicing it) decided to take it for a spin clocking in over 150km an hour. The Dr has tried to get his car back but has become an innocent victim of the new law. He is stating that he can't do house calls now. I sympathise with the Dr as I do believe he should get the car back, however I do not believe he is too worried about not being able to do house calls. Seriously if you can afford a Lamborghini I am sure you have access to either another car or the funds to hire one in the meantime.

On a different note, I have started to re-organise my craft studio. YAY! After all these months of avoiding it and making an further mess in the house I have finally started. There is so much stash that I am getting rid of including a few paper cutters and some other tools. Not sure how I will dispose of them yet, I may put them on ebay but hopefully I can find someone close who will be able to come pick them up as postage would be a concern for some items.

Time to sign off, I have to go treasure hunting, harvest my crops on my farms, play with my pets, and all this in the middle of answering phone enquiries of the technical nature. Yep work is still slow enough for Facebook to be open all day.

Monday, 4 January 2010

And I call myself a Blogger

It has been a while. Unfortunately all hell has broken loose in my family since I have returned from Cambodia and I am in the process of changing roles at work which sees me half in my old position and half in the new one. As for the family crisis my Aunt has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease. Due to her age they have gave her 3-4 months about 6 weeks ago. Since then she has been in a hospital and now in a nursing home. I won't bore you with the details but family politics always rears its ugly head at times like these and it is putting a lot of stress on every one. I endeavour (not promise though) to at least write one blog post a week.
On a different note I took in our 30 plus year old Globe sewing machine, my 20 year old Janome (which saw me through my degree at Uni) and an 25 year old over locker and traded them in for a brand new over locker and a Janome quilters sewing machine. With a bit of bargaining I managed to get the over locker virtually free. YAY! I am currently making a little sun dress for my niece so photos will follow when complete.
Now for something rather amusing. Leaving the house this morning I was faced with are rather interesting splatter and left wondering if the bird that created it was trying to tell me to go north. Unfortunately though the bird has a bad sense of direction and the its north is actually a perfect due south.
On the other hand it could be a bird in a mask that goes by the name of Zorro. Hm I wonder what sort of horse he rides? (The photo is actually supposed to be the other way around but in an attempt to keep his identity secret the bird hijacked blogger and rearranged this photo).