Monday, 4 January 2010

And I call myself a Blogger

It has been a while. Unfortunately all hell has broken loose in my family since I have returned from Cambodia and I am in the process of changing roles at work which sees me half in my old position and half in the new one. As for the family crisis my Aunt has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease. Due to her age they have gave her 3-4 months about 6 weeks ago. Since then she has been in a hospital and now in a nursing home. I won't bore you with the details but family politics always rears its ugly head at times like these and it is putting a lot of stress on every one. I endeavour (not promise though) to at least write one blog post a week.
On a different note I took in our 30 plus year old Globe sewing machine, my 20 year old Janome (which saw me through my degree at Uni) and an 25 year old over locker and traded them in for a brand new over locker and a Janome quilters sewing machine. With a bit of bargaining I managed to get the over locker virtually free. YAY! I am currently making a little sun dress for my niece so photos will follow when complete.
Now for something rather amusing. Leaving the house this morning I was faced with are rather interesting splatter and left wondering if the bird that created it was trying to tell me to go north. Unfortunately though the bird has a bad sense of direction and the its north is actually a perfect due south.
On the other hand it could be a bird in a mask that goes by the name of Zorro. Hm I wonder what sort of horse he rides? (The photo is actually supposed to be the other way around but in an attempt to keep his identity secret the bird hijacked blogger and rearranged this photo).


Chocolate Cat said...

I wondered if everything was okay but thought maybe your life was chaotic like the rest of us! Sending you hugs and thinking of you xxx
That is exciting though about your new toys, can't wait to see what you produce!!

Davinia said...

Well after seeing that unusual bird poo I think you should go and buy a lotto ticket. Happy New Year Kerin although the fact your Aunt is ill is not a good start for you, hopefully as the year progresses things will be better.

carmen said...

Glad to have you back blogging. I'm so sorry about your aunt. Motor Neurone disease is very cruel. A dear elderly friend of mine was diagnosed with it and it was just heartbreaking.