Monday, 11 January 2010

First Dress

Hello all, well here is my first item hot off my new sewing machines for my niece. Please don't look too closely at it. After 10 years of not sewing or doing applique it isn't exactly up to my usual standard.

I got the free pattern from this web site. It was originally a summer top so I modified it to suit my needs. I added the tie straps and made the skirt section wider and longer. I have left the hem for her mother to do so that she can take it up to a length that she wants. She can then do whatever she likes with the excess fabric like maybe put pockets on or save it for her quilting stash.

Not sure what my next item will be. I am thinking of making a toy, or a bag or even designing something to put all my different paper punches in from Stampin' Up so that they are easy to card around.


Ruth's Place said...

It's adorable! I know that the kidlet is going to love it. Especially the cherry fabric!

I vote for a bag next :)

Chocolate Cat said...

What a cute dress! I'm with Ruth, a bag next!!