Sunday, 17 January 2010

Quick Catch Up


This is a quick catchup as my eyes are very dry and tired. I have been shaving the two 4 legged members of the family on and off today and their fur covered me from head to toe and got in my eyes. At least they look nice and cool now.

It is 7:30pm and currently 38 degrees Celsius and the poor little things were suffering. It's days like this I wish I had a swimming pool because I would be living in it.

Recently I have been reading, yes reading, does that shock you? It is also the reason why I have not been on here with craft updates. I have read two books that I picked up in Cambodia and recommend them to anyone for reading. It is not light reading, the author goes into great detail. The books are: First they Killed My Father, and then, The Lucky Child written by Loung Ung. They start when she is 5 years old and the day they are forced out of Phnom Penh. You can find out more at I believe you can get the books in stores in Australia. I am only two years younger than Loung and I found myself comparing my life to hers. It is definitely a must read. The second book talks about her life as a refugee in America and compares with what her sister deals with back in Cambodia. The contrast of the two cultures in this book hit me harder than the horrors she lived through in the first book. Anyway don't take my word for it. Get the books and read them for yourselves.

Well my little computer room has no aircon and is probably 2 degrees hotter in here than outside so I am going to move to some aircon.


Chocolate Cat said...

I've been reading too although a little lighter than your choices! Your now unfurry friends will be much happier coping with the heat now!

Ruth's Place said...

Hot here too :(

10.30 pm and far to hot to go to bed.