Sunday, 29 November 2015

Taught my first Powertex Class

Today has been a long time coming.  It has been months of training, playing and purchasing supplies.  I can finally say I have taught my first Powertex Class and it went really well.

Four lovely friends of mine came over to be my guinea pigs and they did extremely well.  So well in fact that we finished before 2:30pm.  If it was me doing the creating I wouldn't have finished until 5pm! 

What I love about these classes is those who think they can't do this.  I had two in this class.  Why do I love this about the classes?  Because at the end of the class they are super proud of what they have achieved and extremely happy with what they are taking home.  That is the best thing about teaching any craft class.  

Here are some photos of the Masai Ladies being created.

Pre the guinea pigs

Adding the torso

 Before the mess           &          After the mess

 The final touches

The finished product.  I have slightly enhanced the colours so that they show up true.  The camera phone dulled them a bit.

I will be running more classes in the new year.  If you are in the Perth area, please send me a message if you are interested.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

One month Post Op

I made it.  One month post op and no complications. Just very itchy.  I wish I could say most of that itchiness was to do with healing wounds but it is not.  My body tends to react to sudden changes in weight by giving me a very itchy rash.  I remember it from when I put weight on quickly now I am losing it quickly and it has come back.  I am not being negative about it though.  To me it is a good sign as it means something is working.

I am very excited to say that I am down one size in clothing.  In fact my wardrobe is looking a bit bleak on the options but I don't want to go out and buy clothes when I may be close to the next size down. 

My weight loss is below.  I have tried to weigh myself each Saturday but I had my post op appointment on Thursday so I will include that weigh in as well.  Yes the surgeons' scales and mine are the same.
  • Week 1 - 5kg.  Apparently my stomach was only 200g so that was all me working hard.
  • Week 2 - 1kg
  • Week 3 - 1kg. If I keep going like this I will be happy
  • Week 3.5 - 3kg.  SERIOUSLY!!!!  No wonder I have gone down a size this week.  Surgeon says I will probably start to plateau now.
  • Week 4 - gained 500gr.  I had a feeling this might happen so I am not unhappy about it.  That is still a 2.5 kg weight loss for the week.
Total weight loss so far is 10.5kg in 4 weeks.  If I include the weight I lost on my own prior to surgery it comes to 14 kg for the year.

Yes I am totally fine with that.

Food wise, I found this last week the hardest.  It was the second week of mush and I was getting sick of the same thing over and over again.  Not the mush as such but the flavour.  In order to make the mush you had to have a lot of ingredients to blend and that left you with at least 3 days worth of mush in the same flavour.  I get to start on semi solids today for the next two weeks and then I can start experimenting more.  Having minced meat and bolognaise sauce tonight.  I can't wait.