Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Road Trip

After an eye opening day into the history of Cambodia Gwen, Bella and I decided to go get a $1 pedicure done. We all got flowers on our toes.

Bella getting her toes done

At night the motor scooters have to come inside. Even with such high fences they can still get stolen if left outside. Ollie decided to go for a ride in one of the helmets as the moto's were coming in.

We woke up early the next day, piled up the car and piled in for our trip to Siem Reap. Poor Gwen sat in the back squished between the two kids for the entire trip which was around 6 hours. Trust me when I say the worst road in Australia is probably better than the best road in Cambodia.

The following images are taken as we drove along. Sorry for the quality but it was through a windshield and like I said ... the roads!

Monks going from house to house providing a blessing in exchange for food or cash. This lady is giving food.

We made one stop on the way for a toilet stop. As usual there are always sales people around. Tarantula anyone? Oh there were cockroaches and crickets as well but that photo didn't turn out.

Gwen finally giving in and buying some mango.

From what I understand the majority of second hand cars in Cambodia have been written off somewhere else in the world, rebuilt and sold here. I don't think they did a good job of rebuilding this one.

Believe it or not this bus and our car were going straight. The bus however was going straight at an angle.

In the cities these would have most likely been motor scooters but in the country it is the old donkey and cart.

I love the irony in this image. Using the oldest form of transport while talking on the latest communication technology.

Once in Siem Reap we stayed at Sojourn. I would recommend this place to anyone. I had a Villa all to myself. The floors and bathroom were made of black marble. The bath was deep and the water turned on through a little waterfall. The shower rose was wide and lovely. The best part was the airconditioning.

This was my bed

Tea set on the window seat

We arrived just in time for mosquito fogging. It reminded me of the men going around in Korea smoking out cockroaches.

The salt water pool with bar. Would you believe it was heated. I had to have a cold shower after woulds to cool down. My villa was the one sort of to the left of centre.

We went out to dinner in town and I came back to my bed turned down, muted lights on and three delicious dark chocolates on a plate. They did this every night.

Some of the flora around the grounds.

If you plan on going to Siem Reap for a holiday make sure you book yourself into Sojourn (they are on the Internet). It is run by an Australian couple, the staff are really friendly and helpful (one even gave me a wake up call at 4am one morning), and the food is delicious.


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The villa looks awesome!

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