Thursday, 5 February 2009


It is almost 5:30pm and I am sitting at work waiting for the peak hour traffic to die down. I would rather type this now than fight the traffic. In fact I think I am not meant to be on the road today. This morning as I pulled out of my neighbourhood I pulled in front of a young guy in a hotted up yute with all his fancy work gear in the back. He was still quite some distance away but he soon caught up due to excess speed. I of course was going the limit (5km over actually) and he didn't like it so he sped out and around me and took of like a bat out of hell. Stupid considering a baby had been killed on this very road due to a hoon. The funny thing was is that I managed to catch up and pass him due to lights.

Half way to work there was a minor break down right where 4 major roads come together to get into the city. It took me 40 minutes to move 500m. People were so rude and would not let you out into the lane that was moving (albeit extremely slowly). It was unbelievable.

At lunch I went to scraptivate to pick up some stuff I had on order. Normally takes me 10 mins. to get there but this took me around 18. On the way back there is a weird section of the road that goes from 2 lanes to 1 and there is another road that also turns onto it. I was stopped at lights further back and as I started to move forward another idiot in truck decided to quickly turn off that road rather than give way to the oncoming traffic. He had a large trailer that housed a cherry picker, which, in his speed, hit the curb and upturned. The upturned trailor was now blocking the area where the lanes merged. Stupid thing thought is that 15m up from there the one lane becomes 2 again. It took a while for the guys in the truck to get out of the way and consequently I was really late back from lunch!!!!

Hmmm should I risk going home?


Doniamarie said...

My traffic was horrific yesterday, so I feel your pain. People are so stupid and they think they're the only ones on the road. Very dangerous!

Dee said...

Love it when you pass the hoons at the lights. Best feeling in the world.

Chocolate Cat said...

Hope your trip home was uneventful!