Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Desperate Koalas

I woke up this morning to find an email from my Uncle. I am not sure if this was sent from one of his friends or a friend of a friend. For those of you who don't really know about Koalas they get the majority of their moisture from the leaves in the trees. They are also very skittish animals when in the wild and don't like being approached or handled by humans. In fact they only leave a tree really to get to another tree. This is why the I was not sure if the first lot of photos I posted on here were for real or not. However with these new photos from my Uncle I am beginning to believe that they are. It seems that the heat in South Australia has made the trees greedy and they are not giving up their water. Hence the Koalas have to go in search.

Below is the body of the email I received and I have also cropped the photos to show the main part. Koalas are nearing extinction as it is. The last thing we need is for them to die off from dehydration. I know I am praying for rain.

Hi, temp in Adelaide yesterday (5th) was 39:
O/night down to 19 and today (6th) up to
43.7 with a minimum expected of 32.
Sunday is supposed to come down to 25.
These poor little fellows are obviously
stressed when they come out on to a road
looking for water and it looks as though this
one was actually approaching someone for
water - so trusting.
Tomorrow is expected to be 41+ and a very
serious fire day as strong winds are also expected
These photos were taken last night on the Old
Freeway up to Crafers in the Adelaide hills.

On top of this we have floods in northern Queensland and devastating bushfires in Northern Victoria. I haven't heard the death count for today but it was around 131 last night. The town of Marysville has been wiped out except for 11 houses. The people can not go back in as the whole place is considered a crime scene. I thank God I live in WA. We may get our fair share of weird weather but nothing like the eastern states.


Anonymous said...

oh my god, this is so sad....

Sulea said...

so sad to see the koala begging for water :(

Chocolate Cat said...

This is a very cute photo though!