Saturday, 7 March 2009

Aussie Dare 46 - White

The March Dare for Aussie Dares was white. I thought this one was hard just wait till you hear about the next one! I have never done a mono colour piece and envy those who can find different shades of white to put together as something beautiful.

My first thought of white was innocence. I had these two darling images I found from the internet that I have been wanting to use I thought, she looks innocent. By putting her behind the "window" it was like trapping the innocence. By letting her out means that she will find out the truth about many things and her innocence will be lost, hence the lock. The little girl however has other ideas. She wants to be out there to do whatever she wants.

The words at the bottom are a slight rewrite to one of my favourite songs by Mike Oldfield. I have written what the original words are at the bottom of the blog. I didn't use them because it contradicted what I wanted to portray.

Original Song Chorus
If I had a wish,
my wish would be
To be free,
to be wild,
I want to be
just like a child
And if I get lost
I really don't mind
'Cause I'm me
And doing just fine.

Found the video ... love this song. I first heard it while working in a job I didn't like.


Chocolate Cat said...

Once again another amazing piece of work from you. I love it.

mainely stitching said...


Dee said...

It's gorgeous Kerin.

Sulea said...

WOW you finished it!!! I love the frame! How cool is that! very funky.