Thursday, 2 September 2010

Lifes little plugs

At the moment I am going through a rather delicate issue. Well delicate as far as voicing the issue and not the issue itself. Why am I about to devote a blog post to this delicate issue ... you tell me. Maybe it is out of frustration that society has decided that this topic is a little too delicate and those who have it must suffer in silence.

As early as Monday last I was operated on and a stomach band strapped around my stomach. Fluid is very much my friend right now however the final splurge on Sunday night of Chicken Treat Chicken and Chips has left me with a complaint that does not come from taking in too much fluid.

The operation has also left me full of gas with an inability to burp so this other delicate issue really would like to let rip but the first delicate issue is ... well lets just say it's put a stop to all movement.

So the moral of this story kids is that when you get free samples of metamucile given to you, don't throw them away on the eve of someone in the household having an operation and possibly needing them, like in the middle of the night, like NOW!


Anonymous said...

Go to the chemist and get a product called Lactulose, it sometimes goes by a brand name, but they should know what it is.

Basically it helps to keep the bowel hydrated and everything moving, people who have had bowel surgery often need to take it. My hubby had to take it daily after he had a significant length of his lower bowel removed.

carmen said...

Hi Kerin,
I always follow your blog and just came across your last post. Did you have gastric banding???
And if yes please let me know what you are experiencing.
Good luck.

Robynne said...

Hey Kerin, wishing you all the best with this. Thinking of you.

BealcA's Pad said...

Well, now I know what the surgery was, and I am happy for you. I wish in a way that I was younger and could have it done, but 75 is too old I understand. So, I guess that my lifestyle is going to be the natural way, exercise, changes in the eating problem, and hopefully help my bod and my lungs at the same time. I put that prayer on my blog before I read this about you.
Love you a lot my precious friend. 41 years ago, I got married to Lee, I wish that I could tell him just how much I loved him. Well, my friend, Give MUM my love and my love to U 2 and God bless.

Chocolate Cat said...

Hoping the 'gassy' problem has sorted itself out by now!!!! Thinking of you....