Thursday, 23 September 2010


Don't you wish that you could bring your hobby to work and do it in those times when there is nothing on. Well I seem to be having a drought. Sitting at work for 8 hours doing nothing is shear hell.

Last week was the same so it was good one of 3 that makes up my small team, is on holidays. The other was sick starting last Friday, and of course that is when the work came in. Just because it was me myself and I. I was busy until Tuesday afternoon this week and then the sick one came back yesterday and ... nada! No work coming in. Hell lets even have a meeting for the sake of just having a meeting!

It would be nice if I had some money on my credit card to cause then I would be spending but then maybe it is a good thing it is maxed out at the moment.

Hmm think I will go cut out some paper people from a post it note.

If you are in Perth and you see someone walking around with post it art on their person then you know it is me trying to put some fun into a dull day.

Oh before I go some of you have been asking how the gastric band is going. It is definitely making me eat less on those occaisions I would have eaten more. I do feel though that I am still eating too much so when I go back next week for my monthly (yes it has been a month already) check up I am going to ask him to expand the band.

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you are doing well so far. Have been meaning to contact you about it (sorry been so flat out with work, kids and the house of illness).

Tell us how you go with your appointment.