Wednesday, 22 September 2010

1 Blog to many

I started up a Stampin Up blog to keep it separate from my personal one. Problem is that it is rather impersonal and if I go personal on it then I am repeating myself on this one so I have personally decided to (so many persons involved) that I will keep everything to this one and close the other. This is also because I have more followers here than the otherone so hopefully I will get more sales.

I am also contemplating paying for a Stampin Up website that has all the information etc downloaded so all I have to do is concentrate on creating. You will even be able to buy from me on line as well but I believe that is only for those in Australia.

Anyways my last blog post on Stampin' Artlore was Carousel. Hop on over one last time for a look.

In the meantime I will have two new posts on here by the end of the week with some creativity and some new techniques I have learnt. This new catalogue and the recent Regional that I went to has inspired me so much. I need more time ... Actually I need a cleaner to clean my work area. Can barely sit at the table. Hehe! Hmmm! Long weekend this weekend so I think that will mean a tidy up.

Oh does anyone know how I can add my signature to each post?


carmen said...

Hi Kerin,
have a look at the link below. Let us know how you are doing with your diet.

Chocolate Cat said...

Glad you are keeping this one!!! How are you?