Monday, 4 April 2011


Yes, I know, the silence is deafening. The more silent I am about my weight loss, the less likely the loss is happening. Apparently there is food that I can still eat even though I have a gastric band. I have been so bad since Christmas. No exercise, not watching my calorie intake (ie eating all the wrong food). Aaarrggghhh! Here we go again. I will be visiting friends and family in Melbourne next month and I am hoping to get down to 85kg by then. That way I can do some serious clothes shopping. Not only that, but in a week or two we start a corporate fitness challenge at work that I have signed up for. There are quite a few of us in a team on my floor. We call ourselves the "Wii Not Fit" team. Yes there are incentives if you win. I didn't really look too much into but I heard $20K rolling around somewhere. I think that is for the winning team though. Anyway considering Melbourne is gaining on me like I gain weight by just looking at, and breathing in chocolate, I decided there was no better time than to start today. I decided to walk to the train station this morning (and back home again at the end of the day). It is a good half hour walk either way. When I got home tonight I did 15 minutes of yoga just to stretch out those sore muscles. I am only doing 3 days this week. Next week I will try for every day. Every Monday I will weigh in. I will do a blog post and put my weight in the Title. That way you can see how well (or not) I am doing. If I do fall silent on the subject again, please ask me why. You might just kick start my senses again. :)

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