Friday, 11 March 2011

Its Arrived

I wasn't sure if my Stampin' Up order would arrive yesterday or today. I was so happy to see it arrived yesterday. Yes you can see a sneak peak of 2 1/2 of the new stamp sets. I can not wait to start playing ... BUT ... I will not play until I have tidied. These will remain in the box until I have tidied my studio. Not only does this give me incentive but also a deadline. I have a friends birthday in a week or so and need to use the big shot dies that I have purchased, to make her gift. I am also involved in a swap which needs to be done and posted by the end of this month. It is a Stampin Up only swap and I want to use the new stamps and papers I got.
It will also mean that get the lounge room floor back again. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have taken over the lounge room because the studio is too messy. Can you see where I sit, on the floor, in amongst the mess there. Believe it or not, I pretty much know where everything is as well. Chaotic organisation I call it.
This mess takes up 2/3rds the available space in the lounge, which means I have not been able to exercise to my favourite DVDs lately. I really need to get back into that. My weight has become stagnant (at least I am not putting on). Even with the help of the gastric band, I realise that my body must exercise in order to shed the rest of my weight. Today is Friday, I have a weekend to tidy ... question is, will I do it.

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