Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Cyclone Yasi

As I look at a map to see the path of cyclone Yasi, I am grateful that my Queensland Family are a bunch of movers not stayers, as a few of the towns in it's path have been where my family has lived over the years.

I do have friends in the effected areas though. One family in particular are in it's path but not in an area that is required to be evacuated.

I was reading today that some areas in Cairns and Townsville have 9500 crowded into evacuation centres. Pets are not allowed which would be something that I would be very distraught over. My pups are my children. If they were turned away, I would probably go with them and try to find somewhere else that was safe. You would think that with the period of warning there has been, that someone would have thought of a shelter for the animals. Hopefully this is so.

I suppose that it is lucky that Australia managed to keep out of hot water when the Global Financial Crisis hit, we certainly need as much help as possible after this hits.

The Federal Government is wanting to increase our tax so that the funds can be put forward to rebuilding Queensland. Most people are against it. People have already given as much as they can towards this cause, while struggling to pay the mortgage as it is. Apparently the tax will only apply to those above a certain pay threshold. Stupidly though it will also apply to those who were effected by the flood, but who do not qualify for assistance. This could mean that someone who has lost everything and has to start from scratch, will therefore have to pay the levy to probably help someone who earns less but still has a roof over their head.

On a better, happier note, I have booked my tickets to Melbourne for the Stampin Up Convention. I will be staying on for close to 2 weeks so that I can catch up with some friends and family that I have not seen in a while. One friend in particular I have not seen since 1988 when I just happened to stumble across her in the middle of a pedestrian crosswalk.

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