Monday, 31 January 2011

Spool Madness

For some time now, the Collections Spool Kit has been sitting in a box in my studio waiting for me to play with it. Thanks to Sulea's gorgeous gift containing some spools, I got inspired. On Saturday I went over to her house and she taught me how to make them. Yes we are both addicted now. I am currently making a large one however at her house I took up the challenge to make tiny ones. In fact they are smaller than the ones in the kit.

What started this madness of tiny spools was that I had some cut offs that I didn't want to waste. Sulea gave me the circular centres of some chipboard flowers and they became the top and bottom. So here is the second and third spool I ever made and the diameter happens to be 7mm. I decided to make them into charms but then thought they would look cute as earrings.

So the blue pair inspired me to try again. This time I made them slight bigger. I used the Stampin' Up small hole punch for the top and bottom; collections papers; clear crackle; and wrapped lose woven linen fabric around the centre.

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Doniamarie said...

SOOOO cute, Kerin!