Monday, 24 January 2011

Week 14

Gotta pull my finger out and get back into eating the right things. Just because I have a stomach band doesn't mean I still can't indulge in some nice naughty things. I have unfortunately found that biscuits soaked in coffee go down nicely for me, and chocolate, and in some cases, even chips.

I am finding it difficult to swallow some things though, however despite that my specialist has recommended another fill. I decided against it last week when I saw him but have decided that next time I see him I will get another fill.

I currently weigh 94kg. Exercise is a little difficult right now. I have done something to my right ankle. Have no idea what, but it hurts when I walk so running is out of the question. Will need to stick to the ab circle pro I think, look ma, no feet! LOL

The 4 part Oprah down under show has aired both here and in America. I went to the one with the finale. I didn't realise that Oprah had no idea about the flag going over the top. I was also surprised to see that the cameras quite often focused on the general area that I was sitting. Especially finding out that there was one behind me so I saw a shot from the back right at the very end of the show that I knew for sure was me! :) I can now say that I have been on International Television. No close ups though! LOL.

Oh and as for my home state kicking up a huge fuss when the Oprah trip was announced, because we had not been included in any of the plans; and after they gave away a trip to Perth for one of the American Audience and all the drama behind their visit here ... not one mention of Perth at all. Not one. We think it's because the stupid guy got sunstroke and was taken to hospital and that threw out the rest of the itinerary. On top of that, Margaret River, the wine region, was high on the agenda, and the woman wasn't interested because she didn't drink. Hells bells I don't drink but Margaret River has a lot more to offer than just wine tasting!

Well better get back to work I suppose! The main system is down so there is only so much we can do.

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