Friday, 28 January 2011

Talented Friends

There are a few talented people in the world, and I must admit that I am proud to call some of them my close friends.

First of all my friend Ruth, knitted me a beautiful shawl for my Christmas presant. I will have photo's of it very soon, however considering it will require me being in it then you have to wait till I have a good day looks wise ... mm ... maybe in 2 years time. Joking Ruth! LOL

This morning my very talented friend Sulea (who I swear can do just about anything), gave me this for my birthday. She knows I have been sewing lately so it has a sewing theme. I am thrilled to bits with it. Seriously the amount of hours spent designing and putting this together. There are so many little details that I have many photographs to point them out. By the way Ruth, I feel exactly the same way about my shawl.

It is so wonderful to have two friends like this who will go to the time, the effort, the frustration etc and so, that comes with creating a masterpiece.

Further to this gift today, I learnt something new, and that something new taught me how truly valuable my friendship to someone can be. Yep it is worth 10 cents. LOL Sulea requested that I give her 5 cents (I only had 10) to offset the pin that she had placed through the ball of string. Apparently it is a Chinese Superstition that if you give someone something sharp as a gift, the friendship will be severed. To offset this the giftee will pay the gifter a small sum of money so that the friendship is not lost. I think it is wonderful and made me realise that my friendship is treasured by others.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed receiving the gift.


Joan said...

This just gorgeous Kerin - another example of the amazing work by Sulea. And your the lucky girl who gets it made for her!!

carmen said...

Just amazing work. So much detail.

BealcA's Pad said...

sometimes I wish that I was doing something more creative, instead of creating poster for the center. I know that it is important, and they do turn out pretty, but it seems that everything that I do is mass produced or a in a hurry type thing.

You are so talented, It is a pleasure to go onto this blog and see what all you have done. God bless