Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Week ???

Not sure what week this is in my weight loss goal. I could be intelligent and look at the last post about my weight loss journey but it is 11:15pm and intelligence comes with a price at this time of night. Oh, the reason I am still up is because I am waiting for photos to download to Snapfish for printing.

Over the christmas period (starting with Oprah and finishing on Sunday) I have not been good on the diet. I have eaten chocolate and stone fruit (all the sugars that aren't allowed) and not done any exercise. Mind you I walked around Sydney a lot and I have been more active this holidays rather than sitting on my bum, so that has probably helped. How much have I put on you ask? Well I was expecting maybe 2-3 kgs so you can imagine my elation when it was 200gr. That is of course on top of the small amount I had put on at last weigh in so over all it is probably around 1.5kg.

The exercise started again on Monday. I pulled out my Shaun T Hip Hop Abs DVD and decided to do the 40 minute session. I would have been fine if there hadn't been 3 minutes of squats and I didn't get on my new exercise toy for 3 minutes straight after the DVD. My thigh muscles ached and my back muscles ached.

Hip Hop Abs uses your abs. You pretty much do the pelvic thrust all the way through it but add you arms and movement. The new toy I got is the ab circle. Who in their right mind does a 40 minute ab workout and then jumps on an intense ab machine. Yes do I mean intense. One minute on that thing and you are already puffing. You can feel it work your muscles and it does cardio as well. Three minutes a day is all you need.

I am lucky in that I have a reasonable amount of strength in my abs so I can just hop onto the ab circle and go for it. It never occurred to me that some people wouldn't be able to do it, like my Aunt. Even with someone giving her a push she couldn't do it. A friend of mine also struggled but she got it after being pushed and from then on managed to do it on her own. I think the problem is that they were trying to move it with their legs and you have to use your arms and waist. Any way I love it and I can certainly feel it working.

Today I just did a normal workout, treadmill, bike, etc. My thighs are still sore but my waist and back muscles are fine.

My friend, Ruth, who is currently living in South Africa, had her mother go visit. Her mother is back now and she turned up today with some Xmas gifts from Ruth. I knew she was making me a shawl. It turned out smaller than she thought but it still covers my shoulders nicely for those chilly days in the office. It is gorgeous. I will post a pic when I have taken one. She also gave me some lovely soaps that I can't wait to use. Oh and some fibres. My favourite is Tofu fibre. Who would of thought that Tofu could be made into a Fibre. Apparently it is an end product once the food Tofu has been made. Not sure what I will use it for yet but, again, I can't wait.

Well my photos are still loading and will probably still be loading at midnight. Tomorrow is my last day of holidays. I was going to get up at my usual work time so I won't be so tired at work on Thursday. Hmm not sure about the 6am start now. Oh well that is life.

Oh before I sign off. I started playing with inchie paper yesterday. Love it. Having a ball with it. It was supposed to be done in the oven but our oven decided to die (oven shopping on the agenda tomorrow), so the grill worked nicely. Normally white goods die in 3s in our house so we are crossing fingers nothing else will die.

Have a great week everyone.

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