Thursday, 27 January 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

I woke up this morning (early thanks to the dog), got ready for work, as I usually do on a week day. I was reminding myself that it is only 2 more days and then the weekend (this, after having the day off yesterday for Australia Day). It suddenly struck me as I walked out the door that I am a year older today.

I don't know what it is about birthdays, but I have always thought that it is your special day. The one day of the year where you can get a little bit of attention, where people do something special for you. Not sure how I grew up thinking that way, considering my mum tended to think I was too old for birthday's once I got into double digits. I just always like to make it special for the person whose birthday it is, so just once I would really like someone to do something special for me. I like surprises people!! A bunch of flowers delivered to work, a surprise party, anything as long as I don't have to plan it.

Alas though, I am the one always organising my birthday. I organised my sweet 16th, nothing happened on my 18th because I was preparing for Uni; nothing happened on my 21st because I was in South Korea (and to them I was turning 22); my 30th was organised by me and though I had fun, I was too busy making sure things ran smoothly to fully enjoy it.

Here I am turning 38, once again trying to organise something. I don't know why I just don't give up. I have friends with too many different interests, so it doesn't matter what I decide to do, there will always be someone who complains. On top of that my birthday is at that difficult time of year ... a public holiday, as well as the fact that a good percentage of people seem to be born late January as well. This means I have to compete with peoples siblings etc, in order to have my friends around for my birthday, so consequently my birthday celebrations end up in February (which probably explains why I forgot it myself this morning).

Life has taught me never to expect anything, or get excited about anything, that way I won't be disappointed. When I travel, I have no expectations and therefore nothing disappoints me. People can't understand why I am not excited about things. Oprah, is a good example. I was excited when I found out that I had won the seats, but leading up to the show and the trip, I wasn't excited. Corinne was dumbfounded as she could barely sit still. I don't know why I am like this, I just am. However when it comes to my birthday I keep thinking ... maybe this year something special will happen ... and then the day comes and goes and nothing happens. Did I mention I am planning my 40th now. Yes, yet again, I am planning it. If there are any volunteers out there who would like to plan this for me, be my guest, I want to go away for a weekend with my friends somewhere. I'm thinking Bali or Margaret River.

So this is just a normal week day in which I am at work. I will probably get home tonight and my mother forget until halfway through the evening. I am now going online to look for some birthday flowers to send to myself. Am I sulking in self pity, damn right I am! It's my birthday and I am entitled to it! LOL. Ok sulk over now, better get back to work.


Chocolate Cat said...

Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays! Wish we lived closer and I would organise for us to share coffee and cake to celebrate!

BealcA said...

Me, My birthday is always around Father's Day, and I remember one year as a kid at church [Sunday Church] and the pastor asked all the fathers to stand, and Mom said that I couldn't because I was a girl not a father. It was my birthday and I wanted to let people know that it was and I wanted to be congratulated too.

Funny how we remember birthdays from the past, but forget some much of the now.

Love U.

carmen said...

Poor little Kerin. Just read your post and it made me feel so sorry for you.
Here are very warm wishes and a big hug from Carmen.
I myself, couldn't give a rats...., when it comes to my birthday.
I hope you mum remembered and you had a nice little "party".