Monday, 10 January 2011

Week 12

Seriously not sure how the numbers on the diet weeks are listed but starting fresh this year with what is on my tracker and not on my blog. That essentially makes this week 12. :) Lost a couple of weeks there somewhere. LOL Pitty it didn't take the weight with it.

Ok on Dec 6 I weighed in at 92.8kg. During Oprah week I didn't weigh in but the next week I had gained 800g (93.6kg) on Dec 6. The Monday after Christmas I also refused to weigh in but did so on the 3rd of Jan to find out that my weight had stayed at 93.6kg. I am happy with that. Today I weighed in and I am back to the weight I was on December 6. Again I am happy with that (considering what I ate) but it also means I am around 5kg off track of my goal. I should have been weighing in around 87kg this week. Oh well, just gotta work harder to try and catch up.

My previous post was regarding the joys of sewing without a pattern. I am happy to say that the bag has been saved. The store I bought the Jelly roll from, still had some in the same colour so now I can add that extra height to it. Unpicking that small amount did not take long. I am also a 3rd of a way through my first quilt. It goes with the Oopsie I made for my cousins little "Tiger" who is due in 4 days.

Unfortunately no paper craft has been done because, despite the rest of Australia experiencing torrential downpour and flooding, we here in Perth have been having hot hot hot humid days and still experiencing a drought. What has this got to do with my paper craft? EVERYTHING! Pre Christmas and the rellies staying with us I had to take everything out to the studio. It is in a huge mess and needs re-organising. The air-con in there (2 years old) decided that it didn't want to make the air cool for me anymore and now I have to wait until the end of the month for a new converter.

I find this rather amusing in non hot flustered sort of way. You see the one in my bedroom is as old as the house (brown thing that sticks out of the wall). It is still going even though I am sure the coolant should have all be used up, and the filter has fallen to pieces (which reminds me, I need to get the vacuume into it tonight). It is so old we cannot get replacement parts etc.

On another note, Napoleon has taken over the house hold. The dog, that didn't think it was a dog when it first arrived, is definitely now a dog, and the dog in charge. Poor Tess doesn't know what has happened, but she certainlly isn't the numero uno in charge anymore.

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