Saturday, 1 January 2011

A Dogs Christmas Tail (oops) TALE

Dear readers

Dis blog post has been taken over by Bo, Tess, and Napoleon. We have hijacked the compooter.

Each year we hears about how Santa Paws brings us yummy noms for Christmas. With the help of Napoleon this year, we decided we would wait up for Santa Paws to arrive and see if we could use our cute doggie eyes on him to gain more noms.

Bo's Story

I was the first to take watch. Look at me with my gorgeous fluffy collar on.

I am super excited about the noms ... um... I mean meeting Santa Paws of course

I didn't realise I would be waiting so long though...

... and ate the choccy bickies we left for Santa Paws (shh I told the others a mouse stole them when I wasn't looking). They were doggy choccy bickies in case you was worried.
Santa Paws didn't show on my watch. He better not show on Tessa's or we will never here de end of it.
Tessa's Story
I took over after Bo's watch. She told me that a mouse stole the bickies. I didn't ask about the crumbs in her fur though.
Here I sit by the Christmas tree, all gung ho and ready for Santa Paws. How could anyone sleep on a night like this. There are noms to be had soon.
I didn't doze off! I was resting my eyes. Who put the tinsel on my head? Bo was that you!?!?!?
Napoleon's Story
I is a little confused. The other doggies told me someone called Santa Paws was going to sneak in here tonight and take our noms.
I may be 13 but I will stand up to anyone who breaks into any house I am in.

It's ok. I scared him off. Big fat man in red suit. I got his hat though.

Hat makes comfy pillow. Danger ova. Me going to sleeps now.
We is unsure as to how or why but it appears that Santa Paws forgave Napoleon and left us some big juicy bones. Napoleon didn't want his though. It smelled too much like a big fat hoomin wearing red he said, so we shared his ... kinda.
By the way, we hope you comment on this blog post. Do you know how hard it is to type with paws. We may be small, but the keys are way smaller than our feet. Dat man at microsoft should do something about it. Hasn't he heard of dog blogs?!
Bo, Tess, and Napoleon
"Ok, is published now. We can unties Kerin!"


Chocolate Cat said...

I do hope there was no 'Kerin' harmed in the making of this post!!!! Very cute photos and story!

carmen said...

Happy new year to you and your family. Oh what cuties! What a great job you did. Bo always looks so sweet.
I loved the post.

BealcA's Pad said...

I love it. I am behind in reading your blogs sorry. I will get caught up maybe one day. Love yah lady and give my love to MUM.