Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Catch up photos

I have no idea what is up with blogger this morning but it just took 20 minutes to load the below photos and move them around. I was going to put the christmas dogs on here as well but that will have to wait until blogger is working faster. It could also be my computer or the internet link I have.

On the 23rd of December we had our main office party (my floor had, had one the week before considering we were told that was the last day to work). For the first time I actually had fun at this Christmas party. Not sure if it was because only half the staff were there or if it was because there was more to do. We had Karaoke (yes I sang), fake tattoos (I got 3), and a photo booth that came with props if you wanted them.

Dxx at the office showing how cold it can get inside when it is 37 degrees outside.
Mal and Mark showing off their new tatts.
Dxx with her sticker boob tatt, Simon as a viking (apparently becoming peoples desk top at work) and me and Dxx in one of the the photo booth shots.
The photo booth took 3 photos. This one was a heap of fun. It is the Agreements team (Dxx, Me and Mal) with a Support ring in, in the form of Noelle (also an Oprah buddy).
Love these photos of Mel and me. I am going to have her figure next year. She tied first in the Karaoke, even with the dance off to claim the winner. I have video footage of the dance off but will keep that limited to facebook.

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Davinia said...

The photos are great Kerin. I got so fed up with blogger I now do my posts on Live Writer then publish to blogger. Best thing I ever did. The new blogger post editor is a mystery to me and I could never get my photos where I wanted them. Live Writer is brilliant with all sorts of photo options.