Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sneak Peeks and Promises

I am so not looking forward to weighing in tomorrow morning. I have had cravings all week that I have unfortunately given in to. If I weigh the same as last week I will be really happy, if I way more then I only have myself to blame.

Finally took those photos I have been promising, but not of everything as some are gifts to be given yet as well as not quite finished.

This first picture is of my friends son. They have a large Husky at home but he loves coming here because we have a dog his size. I think Bo was wishing she was small enough to hide under something. Poor thing nearly took a head dive at one stage.

Went to the markets today to look for some embroidery ribbon and came home with everything but. I love this little dog necklace that I got. He moves his head and ears and cost only $6. He stands about an inch tall.

Here is sneak peek number one. This is being made for my precious niece for Christmas. Her nan is going over to Africa to see her so I am putting together a nice little package.

This next sneak peek is a gift for a friend at work. Sometimes she looks on here so I don't want to give the full thing away before she gets to see it herself.

Recently I joined in a 3D swap. This became literal as 3D soon stood for 3 disasters. First I decided to do the vase card. Only problem is that it takes too long and when you have 15 to do ... Second was a gift box in the shape of a Christmas bauble. You guessed right when I say, too time consuming. Third was a fabric butterfly mobile, so after days of cutting and ironing it all flopped.

3D vase

Finally I decided on making a Tic Tac Toe game. The Amour Tab is held down with Velcro and hides a little pocket for the playing pieces. This is the one that I ended up sending. I am not impressed with the photographs of these ones. The light outside was dying by the time I remembered to take them and the flash leached the colour.

I promised a photo of my Stampin Up mixed with fabric album cover but it is one of the things that is not complete. I don't really want to show it until it is fully completed, mainly because it looks as though it is missing something. That is what I went to the markets for today. Hmm gotta hunt elsewhere.

Can't believe that this time next week I will be in Sydney. Fun fun fun!!!


Ruth's Place said...

Love the flower. Please do a tutorial!

Cute tic tac toe card

carmen said...

Yes, I also think the 3D vase is is pretty cool. How cute is the pendant. Only silver accessories look good on me.

BealcA's Pad said...

These are beautiful, Kerin. Keep up the good work. I may even get your Christmas card in the mail and sent to the AU before 2011,

Love yah