Monday, 20 December 2010

Week 6 & 7

Week 6 was obviously Oprah week so I didn't get to weigh myself. I have not been going too well in the food category. Got back into some old habits. Christmas is here, which means chocolate and shortbread (yum) and parties and all my favourite foods. The band has helped me to keep consumption in check though so that is good.

Last week in Sydney was a little difficult to find something I could eat. For example, lunch is mainly protein for me and dinner is protein and veg/salad. I was lucky to get lunch that didn't involve bread (it was left by the side most of the time) and dinner was even harder. The issue with dinner is that I was paying $25 + for a huge plate that I could only eat a quarter of. I did take a doggy bag home one night, or attempted to, but it was a pain to carry so it ended up in a bin with a prayer that a homeless person would find it while it was still ok.

Darling Harbour also introduced us to the Lindt shop so I have had more than my fair share of 60g of chocolate. However I did walk alot around Sydney.

At the end of last week was the christmas party for my floor and the end of this week is my christmas party for the whole of work (long boring story as to why we have 2 this year). If previous work ones are anything to go by then a fondue fountain will be the main feature. Hmm I need to occupy myself elsewhere: Karaoke ... maybe; photo booth ... only so many photos you can have of yourself on the same day; fake tattoos ... gonna cover me body instead of eating! Wahoo. Yes Ruth I will get photos. :)

So in summary I have put on around a kilo. I have also lost more around my butt so I am hoping that kilo gained is more muscle than fat. I am however still on track to lose 50kg in 50 weeks as I was ahead. At least I still think I am. Gotta get back into doing some exercise.

My Aunt and Uncle are moving to Perth today. In fact they should already be at the airport trying to find their dog. They will be staying with us until they can find a place to rent. That means we will have 3 little 3 legged ankle biters running around the place. Not sure how that is going to go as Tess is so territorial. Luckily Napoleon is a boy so it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

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