Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Turning a dog into a dog

My Aunt and Uncle arrived safely yesterday with their dog Napoleon. Hmm did I say dog? He looks like a dog but won't do dog things like: eat food from your hand; eat dry dog food; walk through dog doors.

Well that was just over 24 hours ago. He is a changed doggy. Even at 13 you can teach new tricks. I was eating turkey last night and went to give him some. My Aunt said he wouldn't take it ... but he did and asked for more (my dogs are teaching him).

This morning I fed my dogs and tried to had feed him some dry dog food. He turned his nose up until my Uncle started playing a "throw the food" game with Bo. Jealousy took over and he decided to try it.

My Aunt and Uncle have been out all day looking at houses so there has been no "mum" really to let him out to the toilet. I had barely been home when a I heard the dog door go. It sounded like a dog had jumped through it. Sure enough Napoleon was desperate enough to put his head on the door and jump, so I recorded him coming back in. Here you are you sceptics!!! LOL


carmen said...

You a just such a lovely animal lover. Posts like this give me always a warm good feeling.

Kitty said...

WOW! That is very impressive, maybe one day he'll actually eat a bone? Hurrah for Poleon!