Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Xmas Special

I hope that every one has had a safe and a happy Christmas. Mine was certainly a lot better than last year.

My Aunt and Uncle have moved to WA and are currently living with us until their stuff arrives. This meant we had a Christmas day and then another Christmas day with the rest of the family on boxing day (Dec 26 for the non Aussies).

My Uncle is a bit of cheek so I devised a special gift for him. On Christmas morning I knew something was up because he was dying for me to open my presant from them. A whole newspaper later I found it. I also found out it was my Aunt's idea so I began to think I did the gift thing to the wrong person. Anyway it came his turn and he got a box, full of paper and then a tiny little note that went like this:

  1. If you want your gift, you will have to hunt for it - next clue was taped in the lid of the box
  2. I live high amongst the fir, though this year it is rather short - in the top of the Xmas tree. We only used to top of the larger tree this year.
  3. You will need to use this after Chrismas this year - next clue on the treadmill
  4. Think I will catch 40 winks first - taped to the bed under his pillow
  5. Time to freshen up - Taped to the shower
  6. I wonder where you will find me? I am one of three - Tucked under a dogs collar
  7. Make sure you tell me how good I have been, before you look under the real Christmas tree - he was to tell the dog it had been good and the real Christmas tree was outside.
  8. It's in a dark and purple place in which I am caged - A purple box in the lounge room with purple written on it.
  9. I live in cold conditions until I am needed - the fridge
  10. I am a stirrer - Under stirfry vegies in the freezer is where he finally found his chocolate.
I also took photos of all the dogs looking christmassy but you will have to wait for another post on that one.

My Uncle at the second Xmas day with the fake moustache he got in his bon bon

Uncle and Aunt

See how many men it takes to get a remote control car working. In the end it was Kathy who figured it out. The men then went and crashed it into a building. Luckily spare parts are readily available. Oh there excuse is that it went out of range and out of control even though the manual stated that going out of range it will switch off! Who do you believe?! LOL

2 sisters

You may remember this photo from a sneak peak a couple of weeks ago. It was part of a bag I made for my niece who is currently living in Africa. Well Christmas has come and gone, and she now has it and apparently loves it.

This is the satin inside which I stole from a shirt my cousin had started making me back in 1986 when she lived with us. It never got finished and has been sitting in the material bag all this time. Memory lane for you Maree, though I know you won't remember! ;0)

The handle is plaited. Don't like how I stitched it to the bag though (hence no photo) as it is a bit messy. Considering I made the pattern up myself though I am rather chaffed at how it turned out.

Of course no bag is complete without a dangly.

And here it is

Now considering my niece has barely been on this planet long enough, she seems to have developed a liking for bags. Unfortunately I found this one in the shops 3 days before Xmas so it is still with me and not with her. I also know that one of her favourite toys is a hand knit zebra, so considering this is a backpack made by Zebra Crossing, and includes a Zebra, I think I hit the jackpot. I fell in love with it at first glance and bought it on the spot. It wasn't until I was back at the office (yes I was working) that I realised a few secrets about it.

The backpack

has a zebra dangly to one side

The straps over the Zebras shoulders are attached to the nappy like seat by velcro. This allows you to pull the zebra out with ease.

he is sooo cuddly

and he is a bag himself!

I wanna keep him he's so cute, but he must return to Africa.

Well I just realised I haven't blogged about my work Christmas party (we had 2), or about my weight this week (that was intentional as I did not get on the scales), so my next blog may be a little catch up one. Right now I have a brandy snap with cream waiting with my name on it.

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Ruth's Place said...

She adores the bag and you shouldn't sell yourself short, it's beautifully put together.

Love the zebra! That is really cute.