Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Week 5 - DAMIT

I am a little behind in updating this week. In an earlier post I said that I was dreading my weigh in on Monday. Well thankfully I lost 600 grams. Something tells me the scales will not be so gracious next week (especially after the teams Christmas morning tea this morning).

Yesterday I was making a DAMIT Doll for my Manager. This is the one I made. She took the photo for me. When you are having a rough day you are supposed to take it by the legs and bash it against something yelling DAMIT.
When she walked in this morning I told her I had something for her.
HER: Is it good? Will I like it?
ME: That depends on your mood
HER: Not in a good mood this morning
ME: Then you will definitely enjoy it.

She loves it. It is within arms reach and she thinks they are going to become best friends. :) Says a lot for where I work hey!! LOL

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