Thursday, 2 December 2010

I'm a Sponsor Mummy

Arrrgh I am sorry, I have a photo but it's not the ones I promised. You see I got home and my sponsor child had arrived in the mail, (to which my cousin has commented is awfully cruel and he hopes there were air holes)! It is also my night for doing my finances and since I haven't had a budget in a while, it took a while. It wasn't until it was too late that I realised I hadn't taken the other photographs!

Here is my gorgeous 5 year old, who happens to be in grade 2. My goodness they start school early in India. Part of her file that was sent to me is her school report. She loves reading, sport, her best subject is maths, and she is very quiet ... so not like me at all. LOL I wonder what she would think of her loud Aussie Sponsor.

She wants to be a teacher. Bless her. I wonder how often that is going to change between now and her final year of highschool.

I went through Asian Aid because I know that 100% of the money I give, goes to her. Also they don't suddenly pull out of the area, like some others, so I will continue sponsoring her for many years to come. Mum also had a girl in India through them that she sponsored all through Primary and Highschool.

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