Thursday, 6 January 2011

Lessons learnt

With my recent sewing frenzy I decided to make a bag (no photos yet as the person who will be the recipient reads this blog from time to time). I have never made a bag before, but I had purchased a small jelly role from the local market and decided to go ahead. Trust me when I say I have learnt a few things from this bag:
  1. have a clear idea in my head prior to starting because making it up as you go can cause frustration.
  2. triple stitch is hell to unpick
  3. Murphy's law states that no matter how well you measure something, the lining will ultimately end up bigger than the outside.
  4. the stiffening would have been better on the main fabric rather than the lining.
  5. when it looks like the item stitched is not quite big enough, then it probably isn't (note to self - on next bag add more fabric to the top - so the drawstring will actually close and leave a nice puffy top section
  6. don't get too cocky about creating your own design because you will walk passed an open book in the fabric store and see that there is a pattern for sale exactly how you wanted the bag to turn out (but didn't).

The bag has now been put to the side until I decide what to do with it (I really do not want to unpick all that stitching but have an idea it is what I am going to do). Still in my sewing mood I have decided it is time to make the cot quilt I have been promising to make (baby due in 7 days). The lounge room floor is covered in fabric squares. It is driving me nuts trying to place 152 squares so that they look nice. Never making a quilt again (yeah right).

First day back at work today. At least there is work for me to do. Thank God tomorrow is Friday though.

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