Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Powertex Excitement

After my last two classes of Powertex I must admit I have totally fallen in love with the product.  It is so versatile. I signed up for another 1 hour class that was held at a craft fair a couple of weeks ago.  The item we made is quite Steam Punk which I totally love.

This first photo is the full item (phone photo and a bit blurred sorry).  It is about 15x15cm.  I have used string, wood, plaster, paper, and fabric.  I love how it turned out.  The second image is closer up.  The true colour is somewhere between to two images.

There was a prize to be one at the  Powertex Booth of $250 worth of Powertex.  On the bottom of the form it asked what you would be interested in learning.  One of the options was teaching the product.  I tell you, nothing gets past Ashley.  She saw me mark it straight away and ask what I was doing the following weekend as she would be training some trainers.  It was $300 so I had to decline.  Too many bills coming in right now.

The following Tuesday I get a message from Ashely to call me.  I phoned and found out I had won the $250 which is great, and rather funny considering I nearly forgot to enter.  I was able to put the money towards the training class. 

Lets just say that this last weekend was crazy fun and I met some lovely new people.  The first day was just learning about Powertex itself and what it can do.  The class was similar to the Fairy class I did but this time it was with a Masai head.  The name of the head is Nola.  She gave me some grief but we got there and I am very happy with how she has turned out.

On the second day we worked on Stone Art.  Again this is similar to the class I had already done for the Mixed media but I was a lot more confident and got more creative this time.  The theme we were working on was rust.   The first photo is on a bit of an angle.  I really love this piece.

I had such a great time that when I got home I sat down and started doing an armature wire seated figure.  I don't have photos for it but will post them to show how the process is done.  It is a lot more fiddly than the above image and I think I will need a bit of practice before I can teach it as a one day class.


Joanne Huffman said...

I really love your Masai woman.

ruthsplace said...

Your creations look wonderful!