Sunday, 19 July 2015

Powertex Classes

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Powertex Class where I made a fairy.  I finally finished adding the final colour to her so I can show you what she looks like now.   I also booked a class for myself and some friends, which happened today.  We had a great time and played around with even more techniques on an item that can be hung on the wall. 

The pack we started with

We had to shape her body out of Styrofoam. That was fun.  We used a stanley knife and a special heat tool that would cut and shape the Styrofoam.

Masking tape is used a lot.  Them image below was after we attached the Styrofoam to the pole.  The head and shoulders were taped on next, and then we taped on the metal base for the wings.

We then wrapped some shoelace type fabric around the torso to help keep the wings in place.  It had to be really tight and as neat as possible as it may show later (depending on how you decorate.

 Taping up the wings was interesting.  It proved quite fiddly.

I chose the green powertex because it can give a verdigris look to her depending on the colours I used later.  We also dipped t-shirt fabric in the powertex and wrapped the pole with it, making sure we had some texture.

 We also dipped t-shirt fabric in the powertex and wrapped the pole with it, making sure we had some texture.  It also got wrapped around the base of the body up to about her waist line.

The wings were done with muslin.  I love the tatty look they give.

The final pieces to add were the three layers of skirt.  I don't have a photo of this during the process but you will see is in the final photos.  We got three pieces of t-shirt fabric that wrapped around nicely.  They were also long so we cut strips into them.  They were dipped in the powertex, stretched and fitted around the figurine starting with the under layer first. Each strand was then knotted once or twice in different areas and then we started on the next layer.  After that was completed we did her shawl and added some flowers to embellish.  Finally once she was dry enough we added colour to her.

Today we made the below out of a circle of Styrofoam.  It was lots of fun.  I have know in process shots so you only get the finished product.

The first one is mine and the second one is Karens.  Tammy was still working on hers when I left so I have no photo.  I do have a photo of Pat and Louise's but they are in the photo as well so I am not sure if they would be happy with me if I posted it here.

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